Passing Frustration

I am still a sports-game junkie, and have to get my fixes. As of recent, i've been trying to get my Football fix with my "fell off the back of a truck" copy of NCAA 2006. I recently grabbed Bill Harris' Heisman Sliders from Dubious Quality, and have found myself at a bit of an impasse.

You see, I can't pass for beans. The average line I get in games now is something along the lines of 12-40, 1 TD, 5 INTs. And that's being nice, since on Heisman, the CPU intercepts anything that comes anywhere NEAR it.

This is a real diversion for me. In NFL 2K5 I wasn't Peyton Manning or anything, but I could average about 55% or so with a maybe 12-18 picks over the course of the season, based on how many dumb mistakes I might make. But now i'm having a much harder time. And while a significant part of me wants to blame a lot on the game cheating, i'll accept that a equally significant part is that I suck ass at passing.

So, in my vain attempt to get something resemblign a good football game for the fall going, does anyone have any tips on how to pass in NCAA 2006? Or alternatively, just a really good set of sliders for Franchise play for NFL 2K5?

What team are you playing?

I clicked on this thread because I thought it was about constipation.