1st Party 360 Games to be 49.99


This should help out peoples wallets a little bit. I think theres also something about backwards compatability.

That does help my wallet a bit, but I'm still waiting for the price drop.

He told me that 100% of all past XBox games would be compatible with the 360, of course you will have to have the HDD


that's sorta good news.

Kinda off topic but, you'd thing those guys would have at least a spell checker.

That price is for games lacking cinematics, a manual and DVD case.

If you want those you have to buy the special bundle for $64.95


Of course that means for me... the 399.00 unit is a must. Since I have no x-box, and there are som many worthwhile x-box games to be purchased used. The extra 100.00 will be covered off in about 4-5 used game purchases.

Damn money is going to be tight this year.

Great news on the backwards compatability. MS said all along that it was their GOAL, but it was a matter of making it worth technically.

First party games at $49.99 will definitely force 3rd party games to follow suit, for the most part at least.

OK, this isn't so bad. It means if I buy 10 brand-new games over the course that I own the thing, it's made up the cost I'd expected to pay.

100% backwards compatible? So how much can I sell my XBox for? I'd guess $50, still not enough.

mumford wrote:

100% backwards compatible?

I'll believe it when I can play Otogi.

Mmmmmm.... Kameo.


yes, Kameo is pretty, but I see your pretty grass and raise you boobies.

They look like reanimated mannequins to me. Then again, considering the size of the package the girl on the right has it might be better to say mannequins.

fine... is this better for your taste?

Pic is pretty big so I didn't add it here.

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I think Certis just wants to be a fairy princess.

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