Madden question

In Superstar mode, I'm a QB (like just about evey other person out there). I attend practice, but they don't seem to have any end to them. I've run one play over 40 times until I quit. Is there a stopping point for this or do i just stay there for hours?

As far as I can tell, there is no stopping point. You can quit at any time.

This answers your questions Sim...

And the practice modes are even more bizarre. I hit the field on the first day of training camp and found myself controlling not my character, but Rex Grossman. I start running plays and there's no indication of how many I should do. You just keep taking snaps and getting point awarded or deducted for the success of the play (and you get penalized even if your player had nothing to do with the play going wrong – a dropped pass, for example). I finally exited the practice both confused and bewildered as to what I should be doing, only to find on my virtual website that my abilities are affected by the point total I quit practice with. So basically, you don't want to quit practicing until you've built up a good point total. And what's worse, the point total impacted my created player even though every single snap went to Rex Grossman. Huh? Is that how it works in the Lions camp? Are Jeff Garcia's abilities affected by how Joey Harrington throws that day?

I bought Madden for PS2 yesterday and have played it for about 2 hours. It's pretty fun definately a lot different than the last iteration I played which was 2004. Personally so far I like the new passing vision cone after two games with it although it is definately a bit harder to use than the traditional passing system. My one big problem with it is that it's hard to throw a checkdown to a running back. If you have a primary receiver downfield and he doesn't get open having to swing the cone all the way back to the back in the backfield before getting sacked is near impossible (although perhaps if i used the r2+receiver button method it would be better).

So far the biggest thing for me is getting used to the controls as I keep trying to use the right analog stick to juke and tapping the x button to run faster. The biggest problem I have with the game is that the presentation is a lot worse than 2K5 and the camera on kickoffs is jerky and annoying. The animations after plays often stutter which is annoying although i'm not sure if this is a ps2 only issue or not. Other than that it has been a lot of fun I spent a lot of time doing the mini camp contests as I figured they would help me learn the controls and they were always kind of fun.