2005/06 Soccer Thread

I don't think the first Barca goal was stoppable. Eto'o flicked it just above the ground, making it nearly unstoppable for a keeper already near the ground. Believe me, if you've played footsall you know.

After watching it again, I'd say that was more bad positioning. You shouldn't leave a gap like that if you aren't prepared for someone to jam something in. Make the shooter do something spectacular. The shooter was absolutely point blank though, no real time to respond.

What the hell is footsall? Indoor football? I played soccer (in the States) for 11 years, 8 of them as a keeper.

Yeah, footsall is what I thought was the American term for indoor soccer, yeah. Like football should be for soccer

I don't know about the bad positioning though. He couldn't have covered it all from what I've seen. Ah well... if Henry would have potted his two chances (or the ref would have given advantage on top of the red card) we wouldn't be having this discussion.