GameFly "FastReturn"

I got an email from GameFly yesterday, indicating that "FastReturn" is now available in my area.

Apparently how it works is that, when the local post office scans the barcode on the game I'm sending back, it sends a confirmation to GameFly, and they send out my next game immediately, instead of waiting for the game to actually arrive to them.

Seems like something that could dramatically cut down on turnaround time. Logan and I already get decent turnaround time, living in California, but improved = even better!

From what I've seen on Google, I guess it started last month in some areas or something.

Wow, that's pretty slick. Gratuitous post, I know, but this is cool!

That is quite cool. I'll have to check to see if NetFlix is doing the same thing, that would make me extremely happy.

Just cancelled my Gamefly. Ultimately I wasn't getting my money's worth. I don't play through games fast enough. And the turn-around on the East coast sucked ass. I won't miss it.

I might start using Gamefly once the 360 launches... with each game costing at $60 a piece, I need to start paying attention to which games I buy.

Turnaround stunk out here, too, and that was really killing my desire to turn games around quickly. I canceled Gamefly after about 2 months.

It was terrible in MA too. That's why I cancelled. Usually took at least 10 days for me. Netflix takes 3 to 4.

They've had it in Texas for a while, but it depends on which post office you're mailing from and even then it doesn't work consistently. Turnaround time went from 7-10 days to 6-8 days. Not terribly impressive.

I'm cancelling my account. I got the email on this feature - I've returned four games since then and it's been the same 6-7 day wait every time. Plus I figure that there's been either a loss or a delay on fully one third of my rentals.

I used to do GameFly, I think I had it for 3 months. I cancelled because the turn around was just to slow. I'd mail off a game and 8 days later I'd get the replacement and I'm in Wisconsin. Netflix has a turn around of about 3 days for me which is excellent.

I just signed on with Gamerang, mostly because I liked the name. I'll post impressions in a month or two.