Star Control 2 fans?


A windows XP version of the game, with all the cool content from the 3DO version of the game. Works great, plays great. Damn what an awesome game.

*If old, to my credit I did search.

Screw this "Windows XP" crap.

LINUX and MACINTOSH versions too!

I tried this a while ago but I kept getting kernel errors when running the EXE.

Ohh, if this works Sinatra I will volunteer to have your children.

I played not too long ago, using DOSBox. I can't recall running into any problems with it.

Awesome!.. Good memories of lost sleep. That and a guttural Go! Go! Go! entered permanently into the common gaming vernacular.

I will forever remember the fights with the Pkunk, the funniest fighters ever, with engines that run on insults.

"Idiot! Dodo! Jerk!"

Then there was their random chance at ressurection.


What a wonderful game, both the campaign and the side fighting game.

I linked it about a year or so ago, but that was quite a while back, and if I recall correctly it didn't get much of a response at the time. So thanks for the reminder, Sin!

It stinks that they never added the opening and closing cinematics from the 3DO version. They were very, very cool back in the day.

Breeds pesky dodges!


I played that wicked Privateer remake that got slashdotted awhile ago. That was fun but it still had quite a number of bugs.

The music in SC2... Man... That was freakin SOMETHING!

I always loved the probe drone song that played in the bacground while you conversed with them.

(we come in peeeaaace)

And of course, the energetic techno when talking to the base commander back at Earth.

ALL tunes were awesome. Space station. Travel in space. Travel in hyperspace. Travel in that other, green hyperspace. Combat music!! Every race theme!!

Travel in that other, green hyperspace.

Ahem. IBYM "quasispace". HTH, HAND!

I took a screenshot last time I won:


Starcon 3 was such a disappointment. It made me sad.


Tyrian wrote:

Starcon 3 was such a disappointment. It made me sad.

Was that the one with the sock puppets and the '3-D' combat?

Was that the one with the sock puppets and the '3-D' combat?

Sock puppets, '3-D' combat, claymation, meat helmets, and a general malaise.

Just an all around disappointment, and a woefully inadequate followup to the Masterpiece of Starcon2.

Just an all around disappointment, and a woefully inadequate followup to the Masterpiece of Starcon2.

That's because the Toys for Bob guys weren't involved. Accolade brought in an entirely different creative team for SC3. They completely scrapped the storyline that SC2's ending hints at, which simply put a bad taste in my mouth from the get-go. And, like Tyrian said, the plot they came up with, while maybe suitable as an original, just didn't feel worthy of the previous Star Control games.

SC3 was definitely the Alien3 of PC gaming.

12 year thread necro! A proper sequel to SC2, with the original races, by the original team, is in the works!!

It's going to be probably a couple more years before it's released, but I'm super pumped!

It was almost exactly 25 years ago that we released Star Control II® -- The Ur-Quan Masters for DOS PCs. We poured our hearts into the game, blending our love for classic science fiction, Spacewar!-style action gameplay and our own quirky sense of humor. We had tons of help from many talented friends and collaborators, but even so getting the game across the finish line was a herculean effort -- both the exciting, hydra-fighting kind, as well as the exhausting stable-cleaning kind. Pretty much ever since then, fans have been politely asking us to create a sequel, sometimes begging for a sequel, even threatening us if we don’t make a sequel. Our answer was always, “We really want to do this, we just need to wait until the time is right” -- kind of like Cthulhu awakening, but less end-of-the-worldy. Well, the stars have finally aligned -- we are now working on a direct sequel to Star Control II® -- The Ur-Quan Masters, called Ghosts of the Precursors™.

And Stardock (who owns the IP) is cool with it too.

However, Stardock CEO Brad Wardell has explained in a tweet that, while Ghosts of the Precursors - which he describes as a "a canon follow-up" - is an entirely independent effort on its creators part, an agreement was reached so that Star Control 2's aliens could appear in the new game. "We've been talking for 4 years", said Wardell, "We didn't use the aliens specifically so that they could."

We shall return!

None of us are terribly young anymore.... I wonder if they'll be able to manage the same kind of crazy creativity that was the hallmark of the originals?

Still, if anyone on the planet ought to be given the opportunity to try, it's those two.

I just caught this news yesterday, really made my day. I still hold Star Control 2 as probably my 'best game of all time'! It was the first game that ever cost me a relationship (and fortunately the only, though Everquest probably would have shared the title if I hadn't actually met and formed an RL relationship with a girl I'd met in-game), and while there have been plenty of 'better' games since then, it still holds the title for me. What i wouldn't give for a legit follow-up. SC3 was actually not that bad of a game, on its own, but it was an utter failure as a follow-up to SC2.

Jumping peppers this is smiley time!

My favorite game of all time. I'm cautiously optimistic about a true sequel.

This is almost as good a piece of news as an official Starflight 3, were that ever to happen.

*Jumping peppers* this news is great! *Happy campers* will be able to enjoy *dancing* in new *parties* and all will *smell* the *pretty colors* soon.


Quintin_Stone wrote: