Ratboy, time for me to brag...

Before the baseball season Ratboy was saying how that moneyball doesn't work and that the A's with out the big three woudlnt' be nothing....

Well, my A's in the past six weeks have been one of the best teams in baseball and are tied for the WC. Things are looking up.

*hugs his Barry Zito jersey*

I maintain that Moneyball and Billy Bean's method still cannot be considered a major success, for the A's have yet to move out of the first round of the playoffs. If consistently getting bounced from the wildcard round year after year floats your boat, then mazeltoff. Theo Epstein, Brian Cashman, and whoever GM'ed the Marlins during their two World Series years, now those are success stories.

Best team in baseball and soon to be the AL West leader.

How are your Giants doing?

In the hunt in the NL West, which isn't saying much these days. But, as I said, call me when the A's actually win a playoff series and then you can start talking about Billy Beane being partially successful with his brand of Moneyball.

The A's have Rich Harden and that's all right with me.

To Ulairi, let me just say this, I was wrong about the A's. I said they'd get in and get bounced in the first round of the playoffs like the usually do, but that just isn't the case this time.