GWJFL Summer Week 4

OK, Sloth and Highlander --- if you have nothing planned by the end of our baseball game, I will be flipping this one.

Unless I hear otherwise I'll be giving Muffin and Indy the win.

When we move forward to week 4 I will be setting a hard deadline of 8 AM Sunday JULY 24 morning of next week, as rolling the schedule forward will be the last thing I do before leaving on a trip to Washington DC for about a week. I'll be out of contact for most of the week, I may be able to check in on Tuesday of that week if someone needs a reset.

I have not heard from the Sloth as yet.

Hey folks, just back into town. Highlander -- What about 7 or 7:30 pm CST?

We finally got in the long awaited Ravens-Chargers clash. Highlander was a complete gentleman: just after I ran the opening kick-off back for a TD, our connection died. He gave me the opportunity to score immediately upon restarting the game. Good spirit!

The game was a tense one. After my first possession score, Dale Carter intercepted a Brees pass for a 71 yard TD. San Diego came back with a 5:01 minute, 15 play drive. It was a thing of beauty. The half ended with two missed FG attempts by Matt Stover.

In the second half, my offense had a bit more success, putting me up 28-7. But San Diego was serious. Highlander drove them down the field for a TD, then recovered an onside kick with 2:51 left. He then scored another TD, making the score 28-21 with 2:12 left.

Thankfully, the second onside kick was recovered by one of my players. I was only able to bleed 25 seconds off the clock due to the 2 minute warning. However, I forced Highlander to use all of his timeouts in a drive that, due to the shortened field after the onside attempt, allowed me to finally connect on a FG, making the score 31-21 with 1:47 left. This would be the final score, as the Chargers were unable to convert a fourth down attempt.

Highlander -- Thanks for the great game! That was an extremely tense game for most of the second half.

Swampy - Thanks for extending the deadline. This game was a lot of fun to play...much better than flipping a coin.