My Demos-style romance thread...

I was reading through the paragraphs thinking, "Man, Morrolan, you gotta fess up!" Then I got to her name. Nice one!

She may have large "visuals" but is she going to keep you satisfied over time? That's the question you have to ask yourself.

Quintin_Stone wrote:

Oh, and...


And if I may add my own version of Mex's response:

"I'd hit it."

Well done, sir!

Outstanding ruse.

Well done - was formulating my witty retort about threesome's and Demos' past posts...had me the whole way...

Oh...and Rome: Total War - done her...she's EXQUISITE!

She's like the town merry-go-round, baby, everyone's had a spin!

I think what makes her so appealing to men, despite her merry-go-round history, is that she swings both ways.

I've had my own share of intimate moments with this captivating vixen.

LeapingGnome wrote:

That brought up bad memories of the P-Zone experiment from Pizza Hut.

My first thought was R. Kelly

That was an awesome post. And here I was about to write a snarky response about your newfound penchant for huge women...

Oh, and like all women, she's a lot more work once you conquer the Gauls. Er, something..