My Demos-style romance thread...

OK... I think I need some advice. Or maybe just to get this off my chest. I find that I think better when I'm writing something that others will read.

I adore my GF, but I think I've found someone else. We actually met in an Electronics Boutique, which was a good sign right off the bat. Then, when she made a comment in Latin, (Vae Victus, I believe,) I found my knees getting weak.

Since then, I've been spending... a LOT of time with her. I've been lying to my gf about where I've been. I've been conciously choosing this new flame over her. I feel like a bit of a scumbag, but I can't help it.

She's beautiful. Lets get that out of the way, right off the bat. It's as though there's two parts of her. Sometimes she's just so clean and simple looking (I don't know how else to put it,) that I can't get over it. Other times, she just looks... epically beautiful. It takes my breath away, sometimes. And while my GF is small... everything about this girl is large. Epic. Huge. Huge personality, huge... 'visuals.' Ahhhh!

Damn. I just can't get her out of my head. She's so sophistocated, it drives me nuts. A real ancient history buff, (hence the latin.) And yet, every now and then, she'll say something that will have me in stitches with laughter. It's as though she's so smart that I sometimes forget that she could possibly have a sense of humour.

The hours just keep mounting up! I think back on the past week, and I realize that just about every single spare moment I've had, has been spent with her. I think my gf is starting to suspect, but even if she isn't she can't be happy about the neglectful way I've been treating her. I really do feel like a heel, but man... this girl is amazing!

And it's not a sexual thing, either, that's what's so crazy. I just love spending time with her. And I think she feels the same way.

Her name is Rome: Total War, and I think I love her.

Does she have a sister?


I was formulating my response as I was reading that, and feeling myself getting all excited for you...


Well done good sir.

Good one, Blue Man. You got me.

Got me too, bastard. Nice post

Hey now! Don't link your cheating ways with my romantic difficulties! Slander! AHHHHHHHHHHH!

Anyway, that was pretty hilarious. Thank you.

Good god man, I was prepared for all the seriousness and the advice to come and instead I got that.


Is a threesome out of the question?

Just call me M. Night Morrolan.

Seriously, this game is the pizzown. Just got it a few days ago.


That brought up bad memories of the P-Zone experiment from Pizza Hut.

Totally fooled. Nice job, Peru.

That was amazing Morro. That caught me completely off guard.

Why do some call Morro Peru?

Vector wrote:

Why do some call Morro Peru?

That's a Zombie Skate thing if I recall, isn't it? I think his Halo player emblem looks like the Peruvian flag.

Not since Edwin's "whom should I marry" thread I had so much fun. Thanks, Morro!!!

I am aghast! After all that "I love her the way she is, I'd never ask her to get a boob job" crap, and then you dump her for some some big tittied floozy! What the hell kind of name is Rome: Total War anyway? Serves you right when she turns out to be PSYCHO!

good job Morro!

I was going to ask if she was a fattie.

It looks like a CANADIAN flag. Sanj is simply out of his gourd.

And 1D: Homey don't play 'dat.

Damnit, I was going to rail on you for ignoring your gf's feelings, and then, you got me.
I ought to subject you to Daikatana or something.. Maybe Trespasser

Maybe Trespasser

I own that and live in the same city as him most of the time. Gimme the signal and I'll spring it on him.

F*cking classic.

I think I feel sad that while reading that (EB and Latin... mmmm....) I started thinking about Rome: Total War. Now if only my next paycheck were free of obligations (and I didn't already have a harsh mistress), she and I could make some beautiful music together. (Or is that just fiddling while Rome burns?)

what kind of parents name their daughter Rome: Total War?! Run, smurfie, RUN!!!

oh... erm... I see... I get it. Knew it all along! got me. Genius my friend, genius.

*copies and pastes Morro's post and replaces Latin references with French*

Her name is La Pucelle. and I think I love her. I never thought I'd ever love anything French! Except their counter-terrorist unit! Ha!

::applauds:: Very, very nice. Good luck explaining the new to the old.

But the advice still holds true: you can't split yourself between two people without being honest! Dump the meatbag and then revel in being able to give yourself fully to your new love!

Do it!

Haha, totally got me.

Oh, and...


Morrolan wrote:

Her name is Rome: Total War, and I think I love her.

Watch out, man, she's been around a bit. I've heard glowing praises of her from many different people...

Lol, great post Morrolan

Just when I thought this board had become 'Gamers with broken hearts'! Good job mate!

heh.. awesome post.. ::thumbsup::