2005 All-Star Game

Well, other than the obvious (it's meaningless) here's something that stuck out at me.

This year's Homerun Derby, perhaps in the wake of Balco, has changed formats. Rather than the best sluggers from each league, it's a "Represent your nation" affair that has given us the single most ridiculous lineup of hitters for a derby ever. And that's ignoring the whole "it didn't work for the NHL either" thing.

Here are our 2005 HR Derby combatants...

Bobby Abreu - PHI
Jason Bay - PIT
Hee-Seop Choi - LAD
Andruw Jones - ATL
Carlos Lee - MIL
David Ortiz - BOS
Ivan Rodriguez - DET
Mark Texiera - TEX

Read that again and let it sink in. There are exactly one homerun hitters in that lineup. There are two good hitters with power, and then, there's the rest of them. And, inexplicably, Ivan Rodriguez, who has five homers this year.

If this is what we're getting, bring back BALCO.

Yeah, what the hell was Jason Bay doing represeting Canada and Mark Texiera for the U.S.? Although Larry Walker has been hurt a bit this year, especially recently. But I sure would have had him there instead of Bay.

For the U.S.? Barry Bonds should have done it. On crutches. with Victor Conte rubbing flax seed oil on him.

Sadly, I missed the Home Run Derby and the All-Star Game. But I git to see a thrilling Brewers/Nationals Game today at Miller Park, with the game winning double from a Wisconsin native named ... Miller. It's freaky.

Prederick wrote:

If this is what we're getting, bring back BALCO.

By popular demand!


Also note, i'm a tard. Bobby Abreu makes me look teh dumb.