NCAA Football 2006 - Roll Call

That happened during my game with JMJ last night and I don't have a wireless mic. Considering the EA servers went down near the end of the game I'm going to blame it on them.

Is it just me or is the EA lobby a clunky pos? It took me about 5 minutes to actually find my friends list in it, then it kept freaking out when I was trying to send Spy a message. (Sorry Spy if I sent you a bunch of unfinished messages).

Well I still suck at this game, but I am having fun. At least I know it isnt just my mike.

- Spy

I have a copy.

I've gotten one game under my belt so far with default sliders on All-American. 102-0 win using Oregon State against Portland State in my RFTH.

I was really, really, really not trying to run the score up, think I passed twice all 2nd half, ran the ball every play in the 4th, pulled my starters after the third. I gave up a grand total of 1 yard of offense to the Vikings, sacked their QB 17 times, didn't blitz once after the half. Every break was literally in my favor, had one play where their MLB stripped the ball from my HB about 6yds beyond the LOS. The ball hit the turf bounce over another Viking diving for the ball and landed in my TEs arms who ran 70yds for a TD. I had three INTs and two punts I returned for TDs.

Ok gents here are the teams - since I havent heard from some - I will go with what I have for the starting games in the race for the National Championship and Bowl Week.

1.) SpyNavy - Auburn or Tennessee (changed so ruthless can take Miami)
2.) Simpilot - LSU
3.) gwartok - Florida
4.) Pigpen - Ga. Tech
5.) JMJ - Oklahoma
6.) squirrelmonkey (Ohio State/Michigan)
7.) ruthlessmuffin - University of Miami
8.) wineglass - Oregon (let me know when you get your Xbox fixed)
9.) Grumpicus (University of Alabama)
10.) firesloth (Notre Dame)
11.) Redhwk -Texas
12.) Logan (UCLA)
13.) Duttybrew (USC)
14.) tke364 (Georgia Southern)
15.) Thin-J (Louisville)
16.) Frankiemumbles (Colorado)

Ok these are people who say they have the game and the teams they want. Please let me know if you arent going to play/dont have the game. I will generate a schedule based off of these selections. At this point we will stay with the default online settings w/homefield advantage ON unless a majority decide against that (I personally dont like it, but it does add atmosphere).


I have the game, but have no idea what team I want yet

Well Thin - pick one - this wont be nearly as regimented as our ESPN league - we will just use a bye system if we have extra players. There are plenty of teams in the top 15 still left and the nice thing is except for a few notable exceptions - Oklahoma, Texas, LSU - most teams are pretty comparable. I'd recommend picking a team that plays what you enjoy - running, passing, defense. The running game can be deadly in this game - especially Oklahoma, Texas and Va Tech. Given my 2-7 record so far - it is fun even if you do lose (a lot) :).

you are muting your mic by pressing down on the right thumb stick thats how this game mutes people

Well I'll tell ya what Spy, if it's not that big of a deal how about Louisville?

Nice and close so I can feel like I'm playing the hometown team.

Added you Thin - J - all of the other players take a look at the other thread and rank your teams in time for the season opener :). Or we just stay with my pre-season rankings :). Thanks for the tip about the muting ruthless.

- Spy

Hey, SpyNavy sorry been busy can I get in my team is Colorado

Added frankiemumbles. I will generate a schedule of the games probably tomorrow after I find out what happened to my car last night. It was either towed or stolen, but that remains to be determined.

The game has hurt my Race for the Heisman character in his first game four times in a row. I keep re-loading and doing it again. I made it to the fourth quarter once without him getting touched. He finally got tackled once, and lo and behold.. injured shoulder.

It's really really really pissin me off.

Other than that it seems fairly fun to play, although it seems like the running game is far easier to move up the field with than it was in ESPN.

Also: The computer blitzes a lot. And Louisville's o-line apparantly sucks ballsack.

Hey hey hey! When the game doesn't injur my character I can roll over UK with a score of 49 to 14. Awesome. I was also halfway through a game with Oregon state winning 22-0, I had the ball, and 45 seconds left on the clock before halftime. Unfortunately we had a minor brownout last night and my Xbox just turned off suddenly while the lights flickered. Oddly enough, my PC stayed on. Ugh.

League has kicked off, the schedule is posted here.

God-freaking dammit. I was loving this game, I had a hard-fought 17-10 victory with UNC going against Michigan State going until, out of nowhere, they run the same play six times to get inside the 20 and then fling it to their "Impact" WR to tie it. I call BS. Freaking comeback logic.

I have still yet to see the comeback AI show up, and after four games my defense has only allowed 14 points. Total. Both of those touchdowns were in my very first game. Nobody's scored on Louisville's D in the three games since.

I turned up the difficulty one notch to whatever it is that's one step up from varsity for the last game, and it made no difference.

Louisville's defense has some impressive stats going for me. Average rushing yards allowed per game? -37.

Passing yards? 91

My average offensive yards are well over 600, with over 200 rushing per game and over 350 passing per game.

Seriously. I can run the same defensive formation over and over and the CPU never has time to do crap. Louisville's D came up with 11 sacks in my last game, injuring two quarterbacks.

I have three players listed in the Heismann hype thing, none of which is my star QB who I created. My HB, LWR, and one of my DE's are in the top 3 running for the Heisman.

Seriously. You guys need to post what sliders you're using or something, or maybe after my first game I just found a certain set of plays that really cheese the CPU player? I'm not sure what's up here. I keep hearing these reports of ridiculous comebacks and I've yet to see one.

Honestly? I can't get any urge to play going because I'm just steamrolling the computer.

Gimme some slider settings so the CPU will actually fight back!

From what i've seen, the comeback AI only pops up late at the end of the first or second half when the CPU is down by a score or less, so there's that.

I'm playing on AA currently (i've heard nothing bad bad things about Heisman) with Northwestern with a new HB and the whole "impact players" thing is quickly sliding from "interesting" to "bullsh*t" for me. I understand their desire to make good players make big plays, but I think it goes overboard. Impact players can be freaking unstoppable, which is extra-frustrating when your CB is rated better overall than their WR, yet the WR still torches him for 180 yards. Yeesh.