Nice work Certis. Now Drew Brees's stats have slid and Byron Leftwich is the top-rated passer! But I gotta get Freddie T. some good yardage this game to put him back on top of his category.

EDIT - Spy, you should talk to Grump too. Looks like he just lost Brett Favre for 7 weeks! (Plus, I'd appreciate you NOT getting Richard Seymour)

See you tomorrow at 4PM EDT Legion - hopefully Freddy T wont jack me up too badly.

Sorry Red...I thought for sure both those guys would be back when they said 'strained neck.' On the plus side....oh, wait. There isn't really one.

Well there was one plus side I did finally score TD :|

*sigh* anyone have a backup QB they'd be willing to part with? (I'll take a look at Maddux, Spy)

That INT+TD by Reed was a freaking gift wrapped package, I should've just ran out and handed it off to him.

My TD play was something else to watch. I had origionally thought I was on my own 38 and had called a punt, only to find out I was on the Raven's 38. Called a TO, picked a play and like Firesloth said how he didn't cream me 3 ways to Sunday I've no clue.

I'm still dumbfounded about the play in the right flat; can't remember if it was Jamal or Heap that went for the catch, got hit by my LB and popped the ball into the air only to have it land at my DBs feet. He could've strolled to the endzone had he just reached out to grab it

My terrible offense (stupid X and A buttons) is looking bleak at this point. Least my defense is still intact. *knocks on wood*

I've got a nice, fresh, Mark Brunell waiting on the bench for you, Redhwk. He'd love to play for you. I'd send him on his way for a good offensive lineman.

Legion, when are you available to play? I'd like to get the game in as soon as possible on Thursday. I'll be available after 6 PM EST both Thursday and Friday.

UPDATE - Argh!!!!! I am supposed to play in a Poker tournament tonight. Considering how badly I've been playing lately I'm tempted to stay home tonight and spend my $50 on pizza & beer instead. Legion, can you play on Friday just in case my gambling addicition gets the better of me? What time?

Thin_J, can you play on Monday night? This weekend is going to be tough for me.
On second thought, our game is holding up the league. Can you play tonight?

Legion its 10 past 4pm EDT and I am still waiting... You around?

Heya squirrel, any chance of playing tonight? I can be up late if need be.

Can you play at 7pm?

LockAndLoad - Friday night's cool.

Good game, Spy. Spy shut down Freddie T as well as anyone has done in a long time - 63 yards on 15 carries. And minus one big 20 yard run, it looked even uglier.

Unfortunately for Spy, his otherwise-efficient drives all sputtered out between the 50 and the red zone. On one drive, he just pounded the rock every play and march down the field unopposed, until my defense finally made a 4-down stop right before the red zone. Spy moved the ball well between the 20s, but couldn't quite crack into the red - 3 of his drives ended between my 33 and 27 yard lines. Had his offense gone a little bit longer, the game could've been very different.

squirrelmonkey wrote:

Can you play at 7pm?

Eh.. I'm actually on now just in case, but are we talking 7pm EST here? Or one of those other crazy time zones?

Hmmm...Hey Redhwk: you might be able to convince me to trade Kordellia Stewart (QB in the low 70s) and Musa Smith (RB @ about 74) for some big, run-blocking Guard or Right Tackle...maybe a moderately-good DT or DE would work, too.

Think of the fun of such an arrangement -- I could benefit twice from having taken out your best! (Incidently, Jim Miller didn't look too bad last night...just don't try running him around too much on those old man hips of his.)

If I'm Redhwk, I look at Brunell and Maddox, but I get in Highlander's ear for Philip Rivers above both those.

Good game Legion - I hate these settings the WR's are worthless when everyone is the same. Makes a good Offense and Defense mediocre at best and you far outplayed me.

SpyNavy wrote:

Good game Legion - I hate these settings the WR's are worthless when everyone is the same.

Well to be fair to Ward and Burress, most of your incomplete passes to them were thrown against a 7-man coverage, who SHOULD and were able to cover 3 receivers. I played pass defenses primarily, and basically relied on myself as one of the safeties to come shooting up against the run. Even still, you abused that approach on one drive, and forced me out of it... but for some reason, you didn't go back to pounding the rock on it again later when I went back to it.

Now, I feel you on Antwaan Randle-El. I mean, I had one big drop by Jimmy Smith that we commented on, but he gave me love the rest of the game. Randle-El was worthless for you, and Ward and Burress basically didn't see single-coverage all day.

Randle-El's drop was the only pass you threw that wasn't either caught or touched by a Jaguar. You had 6 passes not complete. One was picked, four were "pass defended" by Jaguars, and then Randle-El's bonehead play was the sixth.

Todd Pinkston out for 7 weeks


Now I'm extra screwed the next 3 weeks.

*Legion* wrote:

If I'm Redhwk, I look at Brunell and Maddox, but I get in Highlander's ear for Philip Rivers above both those.

Wow, Philip Rivers. Does he even play football?

(For the record, Rivers is a good idea if Highlander would give him up.)

No!! Shhhh! Brunell!

firesloth wrote:

Wow, Philip Rivers. Does he even play football?

I heard he did in North Carolina once upon a time...

Brunell is a Lefty right? I've always been terrible in EA games with lefties :|

/runs off
Highlander, oh Highlander old buddy!

Fine, you want Patrick Ramsey then? He's a righty all the way.

baggachipz wrote:

Fine, you want Patrick Ramsey then? He's a righty all the way.

But he's cursed...cursed, I tell you!

But he comes with a free frogurt!

The frogurt is also cursed.

But you get your choice of topping!

The toppings contain Potassium Benzoate. That's bad.

Ramsey has been decent for me, but I have too many quarterbacks and not enough linemen.

Redhwk - You could take a look at Collins and Huard, my two competent backups, and make me a fair offer. You couold probably do well with me. I'm looking for defensive help, and you are pretty thick in that area.

Let me know.

For the record, I am open to trade proposals if someone can find something equitable. Good luck, though, because my biggest complaint about the Packers' roster is their lack of depth.

Swampy - Got a prob. Could use you to fix it.

Logan's memory unit for the Xbox is MIA, which I need to be able to log in as him on my Xbox (since his is with him in SF).

So as of right now, I can't log in as Logan. And I need to play LockAndLoad tonight.

Proposed solution: Drop Logan from the league, add my not-yet-cancelled old account (AvantLegion) to the Falcons, then as soon as Logan's broadband is installed in SF (next week), give the Falcons back to him.

Posted publically so that, if done, people won't panic at the sight of two Legionses.

OK, what time do you need this done by (In EST please)?

As long as Lock has no problem with playing your crazy-skilled-ass, I will do it.

Not that your brother isn't almost as crazy-skilled as you are, but playing against you truly is hell...

Swampy - Preferably by like 8 EST. I believe LockAndLoad wants to play at around 9 EST. So definitely by then.