2nd BF2 Stunts Video

Not sure if this should be here or under "Everything Else", so to the admins, feel free to move this thread.

The Sir group have created another video of stunts from BF2. You have to see some of these to belive them:

Second BF2 Stunts Video

The rocket-car stunts are getting a bit old but other than that not bad at all. There's some really impressive stuff in here.

I agree with you there Lobster. They seem to be adding some twists to them by shooting the cars at poles, but the trick is getting old. With that said, I am really looking forward to more releases from these guys.

I think my favorite would be from jet to helicopter jump... that was cool!

I'd like to see someone balance a wheeled/track vehicle on a plane(similar to the wingwalking in the first vid) and drop it off somewhere.

I'd also like to know how to get vehicles to the various ramp-like structures on the roofs of maps like Strike at Karkand and Mashtuur City.