Hank Stram - R.I.P.

Hank will be missed he was one of the few TV and radio commentators that didn't make me want to mute the game.

Next time I matriculate the ball up the field, I'm dedicating it to him.

Coach Stram lived in my town (Covington, LA) and my mom's health care business took care of him until he passed away recently. We went to the private memorial service which I'm very happy to report was not some star-studded event, just family and close friends. His passing was almost a blessing to his wife Phyllis as coach was well past the point of being able to care for himself. While he could talk, his sentences were usually nonsensical. It was very hard to see him like that. Even in his advanced state, you could still see the fire in his eyes. That never goes away.

Oh no's.

I'm sorry to hear this... but does anyone else think that bust of him looks really goofy? There's something very... off about it. Let's hope people don't try to rebuild him based off that image...

Yeah it does look gruesome. But you should see the coach's study. It has more football/baseball memorabelia than you could ever hope to see in one room. His Super Bowl ring was in a glass case on his desk, all of his pictures from Purdue (where he went back as a baseball coach and is in the Purdue Hall of Fame), more footballs with scores on them, pictures with other celebrities, etc. It was like walking down sports history in one room.