GWJCFFL (Fantasy Football)

GWJCFFL, only because I couldn't think of a way to make it even longer.

Gamers With Jobs Committed Fantasy Football League

I've formed a league for Committed Fantasy Football players with a small ($20) buy-in to cover expenses for a premium league service and even a prize pool. That's the good news!

The bad news is, all of the spots are currently filled... tentatively. It's a twelve team league and if someone invited decides not to join or doesn't cough up the dough we may have a few spots to fill. I've sent out PM's to folks I've talked to about it in the past and have expressed interest.

So, if you haven't gotten a PM from me get your name down in this thread and any open spots will be filled by drawing names from a hat. I know, it's all so elaborate but this is a fantasy league for those who are going to pay attention all year, make trades and talk about their games. Pretty important that you're prepared for the commitment if you want to join!

In other new, I know Pigpen will be starting a GWJ league too so everyone who wants to play should get a chance!

To Certis, Pigpen, and anyone else who may be starting up a league, it looks like Fox Sports is getting in the mix with a free service. I have no additional information at this time.

As one of only two champions in the history of GWJ fantasy football I must say i'm a bit offended that I didn't get a PM =(

I'm interested if a spot opens up. I hate it when people bag in the middle of a season, ruins the whole league it does. Especially when you know they're not paying attention and they beat you anyway :). Anyway, I promise to be a good, committed little owner *hold up scouts honor*.

As one of only two champions in the history of GWJ fantasy football I feel a bit offended I didn't get a PM.

I knew someone would, it only took two posts! I did my best to remember who I talked to about this one, like I said, there will be other leagues if you don't get in this one.

Thanks for the heads up, Grumpicus. It looks like Fox is taking everything good about the Yahoo pay service and making it free! We may have enough interest for several 12 person leagues... I know I'm up for any GWJ related FFL.

If you end up needing another Certis let me know. Also if we get enought that want to form another league I'm game for that too.

Last year we had 20 teams. I'm sure we could have at least 2 12 team leagues this year if not more.

I think we're going to go with the Fox Sport Fantasy Football service. It's free, it has all the features and it's free! I've made a league, waiting on two people invited to confirm. If they don't by the end of Monday I'll be drawing names for the slot/s and then we can make a new thread to discuss rules and how we want to handle the draft!

I will do whatever you guys want to do.

League is now filled! I'll refer back to this post if anyone bails before the season starts.