GWJ AL - Week 11

How about this evening at about 8pm PST?

Um, I honestly don't know if I'll be going out or not tonight. I usually don't on Friday nights, but hey, who knows.

So right now, let's say tentatively yes, with the ability for me to punk out to hang out with RL people.

Warlock wrote:

So right now, let's say tentatively yes, with the ability for me to punk out to hang out with RL people. ;)

Fair enough I suppose.

King, yes I believe so, but I might not be there right on time I think. I'm at work now doing a baseball tourney and we're a little behind schedule, so I might not get done until after 8:30 CST. I'm definitely going to try to be though. If I happen to miss you I apologize ahead of time, but I'll be there ASAP. Definitely shouldn't be any later than 9PM CST at the most.

Yeah, Psycho, sorry... some people came over right at 11, and I really couldn't be like "sorry, I need to play an online baseball game." Plus, hot chick... you understand.

Sometime this weekend?

GG Rom, that was a close one..Are we resetting pitchers that have only pitched 1 inning or less??If so can u reset my closer F. Rodriguez..Thx

Warlock, I had to use some starters in relief last night as ESPN is listing me with 7 starters. Squirrel did not object. Just letting you know.

No sweat. I've had to do it too. I think for some reason, you have to have a certain amount of starters listed. I've had middle relievers listed as starters... hell, I even had a setup man listed as a starter. Do what you gotta do, as long as you're not abusing it.

Wanna try for early Sunday PST? Say 8 or 9 am PST? I'm on Xfire and around a lot this weekend so just send a note when you want to play I guess.

Warlock, I used Takatsu for 1 inning last night. Good game Swamp!

Yes, it was squirrel. A heartbeaker for me but a good game.

OK Psycho, I'm around. Let me know over xFire when you want to play.

I am getting tournament state problems and I'm trying to discuss them with you Warlock on Xfire and it's informing me that due to high latency you can't hear me. Oh internet, why have you forsaken me?

Well, I think it's because of the injuries... the Indians had 8 pitchers out and the White Sox had 7... jeez guys.

Even if it's not, I reset the injuries, so go crazy!

Actually, don't. Try to be fair as far as your pitching rotation goes. I, for instance, won't pitch Bonderman again right away, since I pitched him 2 games ago.

Good game, Psycho. Not a whole lot you can do when a team's just finding their bats that night. I've certainly been on the receiving end of that before.

Gotta give it up for Bobby Higginson, coming off the bench in game 10 to tie a 14 inning game, and hitting 2 homeruns tonight. We'll keep him!