Kenny Rogers has issues


What the hell is this guy on?

Damn. And that's after pretty much his only bad start of the season. Otherwise he had been unhittable.

He needs to lay off those cameramen and take care of that arm if he wants to stay on MY fantasy team.

EDIT: because if this were a spelling bee, I would have been out with teh.

What a piece of sh*t.

I swear, every time I start to get back into baseball these overpaid prima donnas do something to make me hate them.

Better men dying half a world away for what these assholes get in road trip per diem pay, and behavior like this is not out of the ordinary.

If I were the commissioner he's have the rest of the season without pay to think about it.

Kenny Rogers has issues

From music to movies to baseball, is there anything this man can't do.

Don't forget his wonderful fried chicken!

Footage shot by Dallas-Fort Worth station KTVT shows Rogers pushing Rodriguez's camera, which goes over the photographer's head and falls to the ground. As Rodriguez puts the camera back on his shoulder, Rogers approaches again, pushing the lens away and having words with the photographer.

As players begin to intervene, Rogers pulls the camera to the ground and kicks it before walking away.

Rodriguez said that when he picked up the camera the second time, his intentions were to keep getting footage of Rogers.

"I figured since now he vented that he was all good, but the second time was just a little bit too much," he said in an interview on KDFW.

(emphasis added)
This is the bit that really confuses me. What's the news guy's thought process here? "Hmm. He's angry, and just knocked the camera out of my hands for taping. I know! I'll pick up the camera and do it some more. That should be ok, right?" Not that I'm condoning Rogers' behaviour, but why are we expected to have sympathy for morons that get damaged doing stupid things?

If you look at the footage, the second guy charges right at him, camera in hand. What the hell was this guy thinking? "Oh, this pitbull of a man just tore someone apart, let's get a close-up!"

As players begin to intervene, Rogers pulls the camera to the ground and kicks it before walking away.

Guess he should've known when to walk away... before kicking the camera would've been good.

He's no Coward of the County.



I guess he should have known when to fold 'em