The next 2K football

This is actually over a month old but I haven't seen it posted yet so here it is...

According to sources from around the NFL, 2K Sports has approached numerous football Hall of Famers about starring in a new legends football game. The process is taking longer than they anticipated, however, as they actually have to go around and sign all of the big name players to individual contracts. It's not as simple as getting the NFL Players Association on board, signing a check, and getting all of the athletes for your game. The old school players all have different asking prices, different demands, and working with them on a one-on-one basis rather than as an organization is more of a headache than you could imagine for a publisher.

There is also the issue of being able to sign an adequate amount of legends to fill out enough rosters to make for a compelling game. The design of the game is obviously still early, but I would guess that the legends are going to be used more as captains of a team, with the remainder of the players being generic names and numbers. Players who you can then edit to make whoever you want. So forget the fact that the quarterback on Atlanta is right handed and #8. With a few minutes of editing, he's a lefty, #7, and the fastest player in the new league. Hey, you can even name him Ron Mexico if you like. It will take some work on behalf of gamers, but if you were able to share and trade rosters online, this could turn into NFL 2K without any need for the NFL license, or the money paid for it.

Like I said, nothing is set right now other than the fact that 2K Sports is going after the legends. We'll see what they ultimately do with the players (and their new game) once they are officially signed.

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yeah..pretty much what we figured...with customizable rosters I give it a few weeks into the game before you'll be able to download a complete roster for all teams based on the actual players.

The Team Names and Stadiums will of course still probably be off though correct?

I can't wait to play with the Pittsburgh Settlers!
On Hines Field.
Seriously. I can't wait.

This could just be my stupid opinion but I think the players are infinitely more important than the stadiums. So if we could just customize the player attributes, team names, and jersey colors I think we'd be fine. Right? Guys?

Any reasonable alternative to Madden will be purchased.

SwampYankee wrote:

Any reasonable alternative to Madden will be purchased.


Unless I can download a complete accurate team - I wont do it - I dont have the patience to program in a team with the Xbox game pad. I like my official NFL products and while I would rather ESPN NFL 2K make the game - I will play Madden next year.

For my part, I don't care if the teams are licensed or not-- I just want to see good gameplay. Years ago some company (Accolade?) planned a "Legends" kind of game that also used rules from different eras. Sounded like a great idea, but the PC's of the day couldn't really handle the data needed to model things like the running game correctly, so they scrapped it. I'm probably in the minority, but I'd gladly pay good money for a game that did something like that. It could be fun and different-- say, playing Jim Thorpe in his era.