GWJ Minors Week 2

SwampYankee wrote:

Deadline is the 29th at 11:59 PM. Sorry about that, I'll start posting that when I post the week's games

I've missed Whitey 3 times and you're apologizing? You, sir, are nuts.

For not posting it. I'm deeply sorry that my appology has offended you.

Regretful, I am filled with remorse.

Highlander..sorry about everything. Had an extremely busy weekend (Prom, Graduation and Graduation Party). It's monday night and I'm available..hopefully you'll see this and give me a time.

Hmmm. Tonight is possible. How would 10 central/11 eastern sound?

DOmination, you want to play in 10 minutes?

Maybe tomorrow night.

Warlock - sorry - had a baseball game last night that I forgot about. Tonight?

Either before 6pm EST or after 9pm EST.

Your choice.

Highlander. I will probably be around late late tonight, after Midnight EST. What is your AIM again?

Late late after midnight EST might be too late for me. Unless you want to shoot for right at 11 p.m central/Midnight eastern I don't think I'll be making it.

EDIT:thehighlander42 is AIM

well its almost a quarter after ten and still no demiurge im not sure whats gonna happen with this game sorry guys for holding things up

Pigpen? Paging Pigpen...

well demi swampyankee told me that he would allow us to get this game in tomorrow the only time im available to play tho is about midnight est if we play i might be about 10 minutes late tho lemme know

Highlander, sorry, it's 12:30 AM and I just got in now. I'll be home all day tomorrow before 4 PM EST, as well as after 9 PM EST. Leave me a time that works and we'll go from there.

OK PP, I'm free anytime tonight after 5pm EST. Just let me know when you want to play.

Lets aim for right when I get home Warlock - last night, got home with BF2 and baseball game on my mind - then Herbie goes to Monte Carlo, Bewitched (Nicole Kidman is so hot) and then the Pacifier all came into play - and that led to midnight

Do I have you on MSN or xfire?

da1nonlywhitey wrote:

well demi swampyankee told me that he would allow us to get this game in tomorrow the only time im available to play tho is about midnight est if we play i might be about 10 minutes late tho lemme know

Sorry about last night... I won't be able to make tonight either. Work is killing me. Swampy, go ahead and give Whitey the win.

Would 1 more day help Demi?

I know Highlander and I could use Wednesday night for sure.

OK, you know I'm a softie for you Domination.

I declare the deadline extended one day!

{claps hands}

Wench, more wine!

you around warlock...we are signed in now if you want to play


Coming, massa!

Good Game Warlock...i tried to play for him in the 8th and 9th, and the little turd wouldn't let me...

I can tell you I'm not gonna play I also counselled him on pitching too many out of the strike sorry about that...

he's learning that aspect

I'll try not to be pissed, because he's just a kid, but man... can YOU play the games from now on, Pigpen?

I thought it was cute: "Oh, Pigpen's gonna let his son play, and he's talking to me, this is cute."

And so I'm going easy on the kid, purposely stealing and hitting with only the A button, and still beating him.

And then, at about the 7th inning, something changed. No more mic. No more talking. And now all of a sudden, he's pitching WAY outside of the strike zone; the ones that ARE in the strikezone are WAY up and in, every time. And I'm still pitching MONEY pitches to him, as shown by the fact that he had 3 homeruns. So the game gets away from me.

Yeah, I lost to Pigpen's son. Is it my fault? Probably. I shouldn't have gone easy on the kid. But it was still pretty upsetting. It reminded me of all the regular online games I've played before, not of the GWJ League games.

I could reset. Perhaps that is a good idea?

I'll tell you what. I'm going to reset this game. While I appreciate the fun of letting the boy play a bit - I have done the same with games like GR2 and Diablo, that isn't what these leagues are about. It isn't right to place the onus on Warlock asking him if he wants a reset so I'm just going to make a command decision and go ahead and do it. No large deal, we just don't want stuff like that to damage the communiuty we have going.

I'm less pissed now than I was right after the game (note to self, never post right after a loss) but the fact of the matter is I could have soundly killed the kid, but didn't. It's not like "oh noes1, my record!!2!!" because we're in game two and there's still quite a bit left to the season. It's just more that I had this idyllic idea in my head where Pigpen said "I'd rather play BF2, so I'll let Warlock beat my kid" then we chat for 9 innings, I let him come within like 2 runs, and then I beat him and we laugh and he says "gee thanks mister" and that's the end of it.

But that's definitely not what happened.

EDIT: Also, I'm in no way pissed at you, Pigpen. Mostly pissed at myself for not being able to score a run when I wanted to.

I reset the game. Try to get it in guys, deadline is Wednesday night at Midnight. Thats what you needed, right Domination?

How would about 10:30 eastern/9:30 centrla sound Domination?

Well, I'm still here all night... Pigpen, if you're not too mad at me for dissing your son (who, in all honesty, seemed like a really cool and polite kid for the 5 or so innings his mic was on) I'd be willing to play.