College World Series

Anyone watching? Anyone care (If you don't then there is not a reason to post here eh?)

I wanted Tennessee to advance, but unfortunately the Head Coach was bound and determined to leave the starter in 8 innnings come hell or high water. They see a 2-0 lead evaporate after the Sun Devils start teeing off on him in the seventh.

Texas may be teh team to beat, although I have yet to catch a Nebraska game. And they are playing at home. ASU, though plays enough ball to hang around in the games, at least they did against Tennessee. They could slip in and win it.

If LSU's not in it, I have no interest. Maybe next year...

Been following OSU since that's the first northwest team to make the CWS since 1976. Bummer they lost to Tulane. They'll just have to win out now.

Yep, done watching since FSU is out.

And OSU is done. boy that was quick