GWJHL Season 3: Week 2

You had to post the score, didn't you, Braggy Braggerton.

It was a good time. Your goalie was an impregnable force field of annoyance, and even though I got off some good shots you simply out-shot me and kept the puck down in my end more. That's, like, how to win at hockey and stuff. Well played, old chap.

It was, uh... 2.5-2. Yeah! That was it! And I only got the 0.5 by getting the post-goal finishing combo right!

Bagga lost, I'm happy.

Yes Swampy, THIS Sunday and Monday.

Demi and I got the game done, the Crapitals win 5 - 3 although right up until the end Demi kept it close at 4 - 3.

Roll on week 3, commish!