GWJminors Baseball League started

OK, guys. the league is up, the title is GWJminors, the passowrd is stan.

Players and teams:

Swampyankee: Boston RedSox
Redhawk: LA Angels of Anaheim
Squirrelmonkey: NY Yankmees (spits)
frankiemumbles: NY Mets
RuthlessMuffin: Baltimore Orioles
Highlander: St. Louis Cardinals
KingCohiba: Seattle mariners
da1anonlywhitey: Florida Marlins
Domination: Atlanta Braves
DemiUrge: Chicago Cubs
Poppinfresh: undecided
Warlock: undecided

League settingsa are the same as the first 2 leagues, except that in an effort to make the game a bit more offensive, I cut the amount of "juice" in the fielder's speed boosts in half.

I'll generate the schedule as soon as everyone is on board.

Good luck, everyone! But more importantly, have fun!

I'm signed up..GL 2 all.......

I joined up as the Phillies.

I'm in

Oh. I guess ruthless never responded back to my "can I try the Orioles since that's who you're playing in the other league?"

Oh. I guess he did. Damn.

Pigpen: Yes, we'll keep you in mind if someone drops.

Oh. The White Sox haven't been picked yet?

I'll take them.

2 owners haven't signed up yet.

I'm in.