MLB2K5 - Why can't I hit anymore?

It's not that I used to be this awesome hitter, and now I'm not. But honestly. I used to be sufficient (8 or so hits a game) and now the last month or so has been ridiculous.

This is with multiple teams, too. I'm not expecting to hit homeruns. But I AM expecting to get the ball out of the infield, and lately I have trouble doing that...

Any suggestions for getting back in the "swing" of things?

I'm not sure whether u use the A or B button to hit but I found early on that when I switched to constantly using the B button I had much greater success. Also try and be as patient as possible, it doesn't matter who u have hitting if the guy your playing doesnt throw it in or on the boxline u will have a hard time getting hits. Work the count into your favour..

I tried getting online to play you after seeing you were on and playing ball, Warlock, but you ignored my advances. I waqs wearing something sexy, too.

Sorry. I left the game on while I was playing WoW. What're you doing RIGHT NOW?!

I had a slump as well. Two things happened to me-- I lost confidence in my timing and I stopped trying to follow the pitch with the joystick. For the timing, I just did a bit of home run derby to feel like I had the timing down better.

I also agree that it pays to be very patient. Hopefully he'll screw up and give you a lollipop pitch to swing at, kind of like I did for Whitey this morning...