XBox Live Gamertags and Matchfinder

Few games to add for me Chris:

Links 2004, Project Gotham 2, Top Spin Tennis.

Nice work on the list, we should get some quality games going out of it!

Gamertag - Ridlin.

Not on much, but planning on getting router for Xmas.

So what games should I add you to, Ridlin?

Currently I am only playing PGR2 on xbox live.

gamertag is Bean75.

Add me to the lineup for Links 2004. I''m playing it pretty regularly right now. I wish it had the same ubiquitous access to your Live options as PGR2 does so I could keep an eye on who was online more easily. If you see me on, send me an invite!

And add me to the list for PGR2! Game on...

New X-Box owner here. Please add my gamertag, Propagandalf, and put me down for PGR2. Thanks!

Got PGR2 and Links 2004 for Christmas and they pretty much rock. Gamer tag is ''digital matt''.



I''m adding everyone on this list so if you see a request from me please approve. I''m tired of playing with 13 year old kids on PGR2 and Crimson Skies.

done, done and done. Wow quite a list already.

Count me in.

Tag: Rorschach Six

Project Gotham Racing 2
Crimson Skies
Top Spin
Links 2004
Rainbow Six 3
DDR Ultramix
Unreal Championship

Put me down for Top Spin now as well!

Ooh, add me to that list!

My tag: Berthold

My games: Links 2004, PGR2.

Since I see other hockey players here, I''ll definitely be tossing THAT on my Gamefly queue...

See y''all in game, I hope!

Gamertag: MrGreen

Games: TopSpin and PGR2


My gamer tag is OgreBane

My games are: Counter Strike, Crimson Skies, Mech Assault, Midway Arcade Treasures (online high scores only), Rainbow 6 3, and Return To Castle Wolfenstein.


Time to throw my hat in the ring. Tag is Kepheus. So far, it''s only

MtG: Battlegrounds

but I expect I''ll have Crimson Skies soon and who knows what else

Just got an Xbox myself.

Gamertag is: pulse11

Currently own:
Crimson Skies
ESPN Basketball (NBA 2K4)

ok, I broke down. I bought an XBOX today. Man it''s big...

Gamertag: belt500

Games owned:
Crimson Skies
ESPN Football


I just spotted this thread so here is my info.
[*] TheRealEdwin
[*]Phantasy Star Online
[*]Rainbow Six
[*]Top Spin
[*]Steel Battalion: Line of Contact
[*]Crimson Skies

Add me to ESPN Basketball, Crimson Skies, and Rainbow Six please. I can''t get enough of this stuff.

I''m Lawyeron on Xbox, but all I have is mechassault and phantasy star online



Rainbow Six 3
Crimson Skies


Stick me in for Rallisport Challenge 2. I don''t care if it gets released in May, I''m already playing it in my head ;).

Please add MTX: MotoTrax and Return to Castle Wolfenstein to the list for me.

Please add me, the tag is ""Uber Wolf""and the games are ESPN NFL 2K4 and Links 2004. Thanks