WEEK 7 - GWJ National League

League has been advanced to Week 7.

Matchups are:

Nationals (The Highlander) v. Brewers (Junior72)

Mets (Frankiemumbles) v. Pirates (Poppinfresh 2K5)

Marlins (Da1NOnlyWhitey) v. Padres (Sanjuro)

Phillies (Certis) v. Braves (Scorpionfct)

Deadline for games to be played is 12 a.m. EST 6/11/05

Junior, begining Wednesday June 8, I will be unable to play any evening until Sunday June 12. So if we are going to play, I am hoping we can do it sometime this weekend or Monday night. Let me know.

Frankie, tonight is OK, though I may lose some Wife Points if I played on a Friday evening. Saturday should be all clear, and after that things are currently a little foggy. Once I have a better idea what next week looks like, I'll post again, but feel free to tell me what's convenient for you.

Certis, I'll look for you on xfire this weekend...because I'm not sure of my schedule yet...

We'll plan the hour plus for our typical 14 inning no-hitters...lol

One (or more) of these things are true:

1) The Washington Nationals are a better team than expected.
2) Everyone in the NL except Highlander sucks.
3) Everyone in the NL is good, but Highlander is just THAT MUCH better.
4) Highlander is cheating and giving himself the win each week.

You decide!

Certis, I'll look for you on xfire this weekend...because I'm not sure of my schedule yet...

We'll plan the hour plus for our typical 14 inning no-hitters...lol

Sanjuro and I almost broke that record last week, we'll shoot for 18

hey da1anonlywhitey when do you wanna play this cuz i gots nothing but time on my hands this next week so we can kick it whenever ya know what what i'm sayin

Warlock, I think its obvious why he chose to be commissioner...sigh...

that and he is better than me for sure...lol

Not sure what time I will be on tonight I can play for sure Sunday night 10eastern if you can do you have AIM I will add you in a bit will look for you tonight if not is Sunday good for you

Unfortunately, Sunday isn't good for me until about 10EST, after which I should be fine. Monday is guaranteed wide open after 5:15 EST, and Wednesday is probably good after 5:15 EST. I'll check right now and see if you're on.

Edit: Isn't it neat how I read your post, but didn't really read it? I can't really play right now, so let's shoot for 10 EST on Sunday.

Poppinfresh hey that is funny see ya Sunday

Anybody seen Junior?

hey sanjuro hit me up i would like to get this in today

I'm at work, brother; won't be home until 8:30pm your time.

you down for then?

Sure. Call it 9.

Just got home from work, Whitey. I'm keeping my eye on Xbox Friends for you.

aight im comin on... i was on before

yo man you aint on.... i was on from 8:50-9:22 straight and u havent been on.... i checked the post you said you were gonna go on and you aint there? whats up

I said I was keeping my eye on Xbox Friends for you. I didn't see your name pop up. Are you even on my friends list?

.. No, you're not. That would go a ways to explaining things. I'll hop on and send you a friend request.

hey man ive been on and its saying your offline i have to get off everytime i go to this site so im gonna stay on till 9:45 est then i gotta get off.

Whitey and I played the best game of the year, hands down.

Bottom of the first, I get some lucky hits and knock in a run, Padres 1-0. I beef up the lead with a solo homer by Brian Giles (first Padres homer all season) in the bottom of the fourth, Padres 2-0. Just when I start feeling comfortable with my lead, Whitey turns on the heat. After a two run sixth inning, it's tied 2-2

Top of the 9th, I get two quick outs on Whitey when Carlos Delgado, whose nasty hitting slump is about to get him fired takes a breaking ball and parks it in the left field stands, Marlins 3-2.

Bottom of the 9th, Whitey Ks my pinch hitter on 3 pitches. Dave Roberts, my leadoff man, knocks a bloop single into shallow left-center and gets to first. Brian Giles (the home run hero from the 4th inning) takes the first pitch (a low fastball) and launches it 474 ft to right center for the game winner.

I started f*cking crying. I called my mother and she wanted to know what the hell I was babbling about and hung up on me. I'm still in shock.

Like I said, best game of the year. Whitey is an opponent to be reckoned with, and he'll be the first person I thank after I win the World Series.

Well, it may not have been as dramatic as Sunjuro's game, but frankie and I had a pretty tense game. As is usual, my pitching started slowly and he had a man on third in both of the first two innings. Some real close calls went my way to keep him off of the scoreboard. I tightened down on the pitching, and he stopped my rally in the eighth before I could get a man home, so we went into extra innings 0-0. It took until the bottom of the 14th, where Craig Wilson hit a three run homer to end it all. My last two games have now taken 29 innings to play, so my pitching staff is in shambles. Good game, frankie!

Pigpen! You want to try for Monday? I should be available in the evening.

Where is Junior?

Earlier is better Certis - what time is good for you?

Sorry, access to the Internets has been spotty so I wasn't on the boards this weekend much. Excuse the late notice but if tonight will work, what time would you like to go?

I'm just going to throw a time out here. How does 9:00 pm CST work for ya? I'll try to watch the board this evening but I will be unavailable until at least 7:00 pm CST.

9 Central is perfect.

Hey National League sissy boys. we need a 12th for the "GWJ minors" league

SwampYankee wrote:

Hey National League sissy boys. we need a 12th for the "GWJ minors" league

Don't come in here talking about Sanjuro like that. You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us!

Philly is now 3 - 4 thanks to pure dumbass luck. Pigpen and I ran a scoreless game but I managed to steal two bases and with my man on 3rd he threw an error to home plate that sent the ball rolling to the stands. Final score 1 - 0 thanks to that. I'll take it, like I have a choice