GWJHL Season 3: Week 1 Underway!

I'm pretty sure I saw Gerber hiding behind the mask of what was supposed to be Hasek as Demi stomped me for 4 goals in a 4 to 3 loss by my friggin' Sens. Nice playing, Demi. Dammit.

You lost again?

Hmm so... it wasn't the Canes after all.

Thank you, Captain Obvious. See that short pier?

Oh you know how special you are to me Coldie.

Big talk from a man who hasn't played his first game yet, huh Cold?

I'll lay an old fashioned ass kicking on him for his insolence!

Oh you sure are old fashioned but not much into ass kicking buddy.

I, uh. Didn't mean it that way. -Sigh-




ColdForged wrote:

Tampa Bay at Philadelphia


I'm in Chicago CF. Won't be able to play before Sunday night. Just in case chop-chop means move your ass.

I'm trying to chop, CF. I am. But it takes two. And Greenie isn't around to chop. You know the sound of one guy chopping? It sounds like this:

*fap fap fap*

Mr.Green wrote:

I'm in Chicago CF. Won't be able to play before Sunday night. Just in case chop-chop means move your ass. :)

That is indeed the definition as defined by Merriam-Webster. What, they don't have Xboxen in Chicago? Hustle your ass down to a Best Buy, plop down some cash for an Xbox and another copy of the game, plug it in at your hotel and make with the losing!

Sorry, the "Green is in Chicago" thing didn't register as it pertained to "Green has a game to play." We'll see you when you get back, puddin'.

Swampy, let's do that tonight. 10:30pm is pain time.


Great game. Green beat me 2-1. ALL of the scoring was done in the first 3:42 of period 1. The rest was just a hard fought struggle. Green outshot me 43-42 or something like that. Great game, Green!

The Flyers are a tough bunch. I like their playing style, but man, I hate their uniforms!

They dress like women. Fat women. Homely women. Bring on week 2!

I find the alternate orange jersey to be pleasant and soothing. Like Halloween on ice!

As a side note, the Philadelphia Phantoms won the Calder Cup on Friday, and I was at the last game of the sweep. Very exciting to see a championship awarded to an excellent team!

Unfortunately, you can't change the jersey colors in league games.

It looks fine, but as it is not a solid one, sometimes I have a hard time picking out my boys.

And Demi, I didn't know your mom was a Flyer!

After that early 2 goals lead I thought I was in for mass destruction but you managed to keep me scared sh*tless all game long. Great game bud.

Your goalie made some great saves, no doubt.