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Let's talk fantasy baseball. There hasn't been a whole lot of discussion about the league, so let's rectify that.

Who has suprised you this year? I mean, other than Kenny Rogers and Brian Roberts.

Who did you bet on high in the draft only to have them suck?

Or hell, let's just talk baseball. Like how my Cardinals continue to dominate despite the lackluster pitching staff.

Will the Yankees and the Red Sox be able to catch the Orioles? And the Blue Jays have a better record than the Yankees? Daaaammmmmnnn.

And how about them First Place NL East Washington Nationals?

There is just two weeks left until the All-Star Break in our Fantasy Baseball League and pretty much everyone still has a shot at winning if they play their cards right.

For me, I think the Nationals are one of the best stories this year. I was real excited about a team playing in Washington D.C., probably because I had never seen a team there. I would always hear or read about the Senators but it always seemed like ancient history. Now they have a team ... and fans ... and players. And it shows, as they challenge the sinister Braves (yeah, you heard me!) for the NL East title. I would love to see post-season baseball in the Nation's Capital this October.

Yankees have been absolutely miserable this year. For heavens sake, they dropped 3 to the Royals. It's almost painful to watch my boys this year but I remember the 80s. It was bad then too.

Anyway, biggest dissapointment for me fantasy wise had to be Mike Leiberthal. I drafted him quite high and he is producing absolutely squat. I know the catcher pool is thin this year but it seems REALLY thin to me. Another problem has been Carlos Beltran; he's producing but at a purely average level, not at number on draft pick level. Then again, I would have taken Vlad or ARod given the chance. I didnt draft a very good team for stats and Ive been trying to make adjustments ever since. Its started to work out a little better for me now with the latest moves Ive made but no-one will trade me a decent closer.
The biggest positives for me so far have been Chone Figgins, which I expected, and Brady Clark, who I picked up on waivers.

I've also really enjoyed watching the Orioles make their run but I dont think it will last.

Sorry duplicate post.

Beltran may be producing at about what he did last year. I'd have to check. I don;t recall his BA being that great over the course of the season. He became known during the playoffs. Kinda like teams being in the hunt for Mark Lemke after a playoff burst. I never expected big number from Beltran over the course of a season. He could surprise me though.

So Eric Gagne needs Tommy John surgery ... again. How many pitchers have had the surgery twice? And if they have, has any been as effective when the returned.

Two TJ surgeries seems like a career killer.

I want Derek Lee to do well, if only so we can see how many months straight this conversation will occur...

"So who's the triple-crown contender in the NL this year? Pujols again? Beltran?"

"Derek Lee."



Todd Jones is a current relief pitcher for the Floida Marlin who also happens to write a column for the Sporting News. In his latest one, he admits to using pine tar at Coors field when he was a Rockie. I wonder how (or if) the commissioner's office will react to the article and how other picthers in the league will react to it.


Funniest line though is:

Guys bone their bats in broad daylight.

Maybe he was talking about
Sheffield and Jeter

*Legion* wrote:



who has surprised me?

Well dammit...ME!!!

look at it...I'm 14th with a helluva team, and now, in only 3 weeks, I'm within 15 games of the lead, and after a 10-1 week, sitting at 10th.

Here I come baby!!!