Forza Car Club


I finally got my highspeed hooked up in my new apartment so I can go on live again. I am really enjoying this car racing Forza thing I have and would like to share the good times with y'all. So, I am wondering if anyone has created a Car Club yet? If not I will do it in the next day or so if people are interested in this sort of thing.

Also, I want to show off my japanase nationalistic Subaru STI, adorned with the flag and complete with an insult to foreigners written in Japanese.

I'm game. I just picked it up yesterday, so I'm terrible.

Damn it all, I'll probably pick the game up tomorrow.

I have this coming via Gamefly, so next week I'm in!

I'd probably be interested too (although being a West Coaster seem's to stifle my hooking up with folks, unless it's a weekend).

Count me in. Not on the Xbox as much as I should be, but I'm definitely up for some friendly racing.

I'm game. I just picked it up yesterday, so I'm terrible.

Ha! I picked it up on release date and I'm still terrible. So I'll look forward to everyone passing me, I'll try and stay to the right but can't make any promises.

Donan wrote:

I'd probably be interested too (although being a West Coaster seem's to stifle my hooking up with folks, unless it's a weekend).

Hey, I am a west coaster too, so no worries.

Count me in, too. Gamertag: Fanatka (go figure:)

I *just* got the wireless network working in the new house, and used Forza online racing to test it out.

I'm freaking *very* impressed with the online racing component of this game. Let me qualify this a bit: I'm a former developer at an online gaming company, and the quality of the online racing in this game is damn near unreal. The only accidents that I've been in have actually been someone's fault, not the network conditions warping folks around till they crash into each other.

Fun Stuff.


I got it last week, and I like it, but haven't had much time to play. Start up the club, Dutty, and I'll join.

Cool Duttybrew, West Coast. And Bean, if you are still bad, I must really be bad for I've seen you on the 3 races I've completed and I'm sure you are ahead of me on each one (btw, I love this feature that you can see the times of your 'Friends' and how they place compared to you). I haven't raced for a week, so I better get going again.

I started the club and invited Sanj and Donan, because they were who I remembered and were on my friends list. It is called "GWJ" because I am lazy and didn't want to type out the whole name. I will invite the rest of you guys when I get on next time.

I will be picking this up on friday.

I'm around in the evening (10.3-12-ish EST) ... so if anyone's ever looking for a race or need a car.. I might be able to help

I have my copy, someone shoot me an invite for the club!

Alright, a fourth member!:) Say Duttybrew, how'd you get those win's posted and such? I take it those where with on-line folks (I'm a bit confused with the 'on-line' career and off-line one. The former I still seem to play against the AI and don't get those 'placements' in my profile. So I'm assuming you have to play other on-line folks...but in a 'career' mode or...?

I don't actually know what you are referring to . But I have done some racing on live so maybe that is it. I also gave you recruiting privilages so feel free to invite folks from the forum that want to join up.

I really wish that this game had a matchmaking system like Halo 2 where you could get a ranking for each car class and race against better and better opponents. It would also make it easier to find games quickly and have full races. Oh well.

I wish everything had a matchmaking system like Halo 2.

Not my best design, but definitely my favorite:

I started doing it on a Lancer Evo, but then I was overcome with a profound sense of irony and switched to the only American car in my garage, a GTO.

I wish everything had a matchmaking system like Halo 2.

Like dating? Never have to worry about chasing people out of your league, or being chased by the league below?

Would it depress some people to see their "dating level" in the form of a concrete numeric ranking? (Not Mex, of course).

No, not dating. Everything else though. Pizza delivery, for example.

God, XBox Live 2 should have a "Buy Pizza" button on the dashboard, right above your friends list.

You can even buy pizza for your friends. Not that you will, but hey, find a hottie on Halo 2, buy her a pizza, and have that Round Table pepperoni arrive on your affection's object's doorsteps with the pepperonis arranged to say "U R L337."

Didn't mean to snub your invite Sanj, but Chaos Theory offers no way to send a message without going back to the freakin live menu.

I'd love to get in some multiplayer on Forza though.

My poor little Focus will be severely outclassed by the likes of your GTO or whatever, but I can't imagine it won't be a little fun

What I was referring to Dutty' is that when you are in the Club stats, you can see your ELO, your stat's for placing and etc. Kind of cool. I went into the Online Career and raced a couple D classes. Only thing is I had a terrible car (Lancia) and everyone had some hot stuff. Still it was fun. I asked how they got those hot D's, and they said they
bought them. Now is this the same thing as car's getting unlocked that you got when getting higher in point total's in you SP career? Or one's you actually have to get the money to buy? If the latter, where on earth do these folks get all that money so early on? I'll definitely have to race more if I need so much loot to buy a decent car's for the seperate Divisions. I thought I had some good ones (in other classes) that had come unlocked and was raring to race them, but if it's cash flow could be slow going.

It is cool that you can do a SP and a On-line Career. But you definitely want to do alot of SP for several reasons: Getting to know the tracks and car's; Getting money; and do some crucial testing. Anyway, I need to figure this out better. But it's fun to do straight racing with some fantastic tracks and a great replay function. (I need to see if I can have a first person look, for some of these winding, mountain races make's it very hard to see what's coming, but oh sooo cool to race anyway).

I'm probbaly going to fire up the Xbox and get going on Forza some more tonight, at least until the Halo 2 games get going.

If anybody wants to blow me away in my woefully slow little Focus, feel free to shoot me a message.

Sanjuro wrote:

No, not dating. Everything else though. Pizza delivery, for example.

Ctrl-Alt-Del To The Rescue!

My "woefully slow" focus is no longer slow.

I also have a reasonable stable of other cars now too, which is nice. The game opens up pretty quickly. I just have to get into the european races and some of the AWD only sets and I should be on my way.

Has anybody had any luck cranking up the difficulty and turning off the driving aids? I tried it a few times and the results were not pretty. On the other hand.. I usually win by quite a few seconds at medium difficulty, though that is the result more of the power/handling of the cars I've been using more than any driving skill I may have.

Also: I hate anyone that has even an ounce of artistic ability contained in their frail human bodies. I can't do anything with those decal/vinyl/whatever tools.

And if anybody happens to pop on tonight or tomorrow or whenever.. I could still use an invite for the car club

I'll be on later tonight (9 or so PST), but I'll give you an invite Thin_J (hopefully it's straightfoward enough for me to figure out and do:) Just to verify, you are Thin_J on XBX Live, right?

EDIT: I'll try and invite you other folks too here that have or are getting the game and seem interested. I might just try and jump in early for a few and do the invites and come back later to actually play.

Donan wrote:

Just to verify, you are Thin_J on XBX Live, right?

Negative, the man's name is Cabbot on XBox Live. Send an invite to Demiurge, too, while you're at it, D. He was going to rent Forza.

Right, Cabbot! I should of remembered that. Thanks Sanj' for the reminder. I'll add Demi' too.

O.k invited several folks from here that seemed interested. And then WHAT did I do
but accidentally quit the Club. Gawd! So Dutty if you would invite me again I would
appreciate (as I pull that boot out of my...).

Well, that was a pretty goofy move, man I will be happy to invite you again, but if you mess it up this time, things might not work out as well.