Madden NFL 2005

I know I am not the only one who picked this up way back when. Does anyone still play? I would like to start playing this a little since there wont be an ESPN 06 and the controls and gameplay (so far) have been dramatically different... Come be ashamed with me and let me know if anyone is playing this - my online experiences have not been good to date...

I have it, but I shall not denegrate my Xbox with its poison

Send it to me, Highlander.

What you got in trade?

You think Madden 2005 is actually worth something?

No. I thought you might though ...

Fair enough. Admittedly, I pretty regularly trade in my games that I am no longer interested in and so I have nothing to offer in return... which is not a problem since my offer to take it off your hands was mostly tongue-in-cheek. I owned the game for a bit and the control scheme drove me nuts. (It was the same as it always has been but in Madden 2004, you could use alternate configurations. I have no idea why they got rid of that feature.) The GWJFL summer league should give me my football fix until Madden 2006 comes out. I have my fingers crossed that they've wised up.

Yeah I was baffled by the lack of customized configuration, even the limited version it has always had. Guess they took it out so they can add it back in 2007 or so and call it a "New Feature."

One of my favorite moments on this game was when I had Peyton Manning drop back to pass and his arm--at the elbow-- became completely disjointed, making a full 360 degree spin (while his arm from his elbow to should stayed in place) before he threw the ball. I was astonished at the realism, 'cause Manning does that all the time in real life.