GWJ AL - Week 5

Muffin and I will be trying to get our game in tonight...

Hopefully for you he scored all of this week's runs last week

king when tonight do you want to play

Yo s-monk. When ye be wantin ta play, dawg.

So we have 2 whole games not played yet?

For shame.

Do you guys need an extension until Monday night, since it's Memorial Day weekend?

Ok, so just the one left. Psycho, Squirrelmonkey, get on the ball! What sorta timeframe we looking at?

I'm really not sure, Warlock. Been awhile since we've been in communication.

I can play tomorrow night Psycho! Pick a time and I'll be there.

How about 6pm PST?

Done! See you there.

Our connection was completely pooched tonight. We tried to start the game 3 times, connected after the third but couldnt finish it. Of course the last disconnect happened right after Thomas goes deep on Zito for 2 in the 1st.:)
I think we're gonna try to get the game in tomorrow night if thats OK. I'll be on at 9:15pm EST.

If you guys want to get the next week going and therefore must skip my and squirrel's game, please give him the game. As he said, F-Thomas dropped an H-Bomb almost immediately before the connection dropped for the third time. I'm pretty certain that the last disconn. was my fault as my gf got dropped from WoW almost simultaneously. If you can extend it a day we will play tomorrow and hope that nothing else goes wrong. I am not used to having connection problems on my side and I don't like it. Sorry for the problems, SM.

Well, I suppose that's okay, unless someone really minds.

But seriously, guys, you were already 2 days late... let's try to get the games planned within the first couple of days, so if you DO have a night with connection issues, you still have a few nights left in the week to get the game in.

I pushed off a game last Thursday(?) night because of an emergency. If it's a problem, by all means skip the season ahead and flip for the game as well.

It's really not a big deal to me... I didn't notice any posts about emergencies and whatnot, so I just thought you guys didn't play.

Getting the game played tomorrow will be fine. Hopefully we can get things done a little quicker next week, and myabe even get done in 5 days or so.

[vader] Yes, my master. [/vader]

Re: week 6. I'll be out of town from Wed to Saturday and may not have internet access.

6:30 tonight squirrelmonkey?

Sure. The homerun ball Thomas hit last night will probably have landed by then

Has the league been advanced? I couldnt start a game with Psycho tonight.
Psycho, I was there buddy, I couldnt challenge you in the lobby. Im still jonesin' for a game, anyone else playing?

I was on squirrel ... or monkey ... or whichever you prefer. But my stupid internet connection is a donkey-ball-suckin' craphead. Hopefully it will be done with its fits by my next game. Otherwise I'll be the laughingstock of the league for reasons other than my complete ineptitude with regards to video baseball.

Edit: Since I've been having problems ... and since I suck ... please award the "victory" to squirrelmonkey.

Weird. No, I didn't advance the league. Sorry about that.

Oh. Yeah. It lists the game as 2-0 Chicago, and says that "Oakland lost connection during the game."

In light of the score, and what the game connection status says, I'm going to go ahead and give Squirrel the win. Sorry Psycho.

squirrelmonkey wrote:

Im still jonesin' for a game, anyone else playing?

We still need to play our Boston/NY game.