GWJHL Third Season Is Here!

It's up!

PASSWORD: gwjrules

Please note that only those that are listed below are supposed to be signing up. If you're not on this list and you join the league you'll suffer dire consequences.

ColdForged: Ottawa Senators (though I loathe that knuckledragging galoot Chara... trade anyone?)
Demiurge: New Jersey Devils (?)
SwampYanker: Philadelphia Flyers
Mr.Green: Tampa Bay Lightning
Mixolyde: Minnesota Wild
PsychoKillerz: San Jose Sharks?
Certis: Washington Crapitals
baggachipz: Carolina Hurricanes (take good care of them, laddie)
Poppinfresh: Da Habs
LockAndLoad: Some kickass team

Let's get in there!

I swear at this momentus...errr.....moment.... I will beat teh Certis and his Caps with my Flyers, or I will snap my CD in two and lobotomize myself with the sharp edges!

I do not consider myself a stupid man. But for love nor money, I cannot get the game to accept gwjrules as the password. Any special CAPS setting?

Yup, password ain't workin, also tried gwjrulez.

I wrote:

Try not screwing it up


All I can say is try again... that is the password.

Worked fine for me! gwjrules all lowercase went through.

I'm away from home for the week, and I left my copy of NHL at home, so I won't be able to sign up until something like Sunday...

I tried thatr like 50 times. I'll bet it was too soon after the league was created or something. Seeing as that I have until SUNDAY now, I guess I have time to try again

I'm in with the Boston Bruins. Hope no one minds that I upgraded significantly from the stats of the Penguins but I don't think it'll matter much. I'm still too noobish to be a threat.

Treat them well, Lock.


I'm in. the P/W took first try last night. Odd.

I took the penguins. From the talk around here it didn't seem like anyone else was interested. If I was wrong, let me know .... so I can kill you.

Do you have to sign up on the web site before getting in through the game?

Psycho you should be good with the Pens... for me to poop on!! I so rarely get to use that meme I now feel giddy.

No Mix, the opposite.

search for the league from the join season thingie on live. Search by GWJ.

I'm gonna register this weekend sometime, so like, yeah and stuff.

O'doyle rules!

Err guys...

I won't be able to play before the 12th. I'll be in Chicago all week.

Surrounded by Americans... ewwww.

Oh, wow... you'll be close to me. You should come down and say hi.

So I can kick you.

Really, how close? I'll be there for work, mostly, if you can call that work, but I won't have a car or any other means of transportation besides my 2 feet.

Close as in 3 hours. I suppose it's not that close.

I suppose I'll still picture you as a Pac-Man ghost for a while then.

A gay Pac-Man ghost, that is.

So I signed up but manage to not see the part about picking my team before I hopped. Currently I'm stuck with the Ducks. Can I get switched to the Wild somehow before the season starts? If not, I'll keep them, I'm not expecting to win anyway

Mix, you'll have to drop and re-enter.

In with St. Lewis. Something about the Devils rubbed me the wrong way. Who's left?

I think you'll like the Blues. I had fun playing pickup games with them.

Okay, it's Sunday, I'm home, and I've joined the league. Let's bust some heads!


Well, after Mr. Green signs up...