A Note For Legion

Dear brother of mine,

You're done with school. Now you can do more Chalk Talk.


I'd like an update on the off-season goings-on of the real NFL too please. Chop chop!

Certis has said it, now it shall be made so.

What I really want to do with Chalk Talk is narration over video capture. It's so much easier to show things in ESPN's replay mode than it is to try and draw stuff out in Paint/GIMP/Photoshop. I want to get a neat little digital pen thing for use in OneNote for class notes (I think it was GameGuru that posted something about one), and I'm thinking that would let me do some neat drawing-over-the-replay stuff John Madden style for this too.

I can't wait for football on Xbox 360. It won't be ESPN (the game), but if spectating online games becomes reality, it would be awesome to spectate and vid cap someone else's game, and do breakdowns of a handful of plays, like they do on the NFL shows on ESPN (the TV network this time). Swampy might not like it so much though - "HERE'S WHAT SWAMPY DID WRONG HAHAHAHA"

As for real NFL news, we're caught in the dead time between the collegiate draft and the start of training camp. When teams start getting players into camp (late July), then there will be something to talk about.

Though today is June 1st, and the famous "June 1st cuts" should be going on, though it seems to be an extremely dead June 1st this year.


I would pay real money for that.

I still want to see Legion get kicked in the nuts - Did Logan ever take Swampy's money to do that :)... The concept of what Legion talks about with voice over does sound pretty nifty.

Certis wrote:

I would pay real money for that.

"We see here his first mistake, at the Register of COMPUSA with his game in hand"

"Crikey, he's a big one! Ain't he a beaut, though? Be still now. He senses our presence and if he gets scared, he'll charge. Don't be fooled by his size, though - he can move faster than a croc goin' into a death roll. Now if he attacks me, it's my fault, because he's only doing what's natural and defending his territory. If you look closely, you can just see the scars of many losses at video game football but he's still coming back for more. Blimey!"