True 5.1 mic headphones

I know someone was asking about it earlier so looks like someone was listening.

Well these sure are a lot less goofy looking than some surround sound headphones we’ve seen. Tritton says these’ll give you “trueâ€? 5.1 sound, not a simulated effect, thanks to the eight speakers jammed in next to your ears. And as you can tell from the microphone and totally zoned out headphone model, they’re aiming these mostly at gamers, athough Tritton also says they’re perfect for Internet calling (well, maybe if you want to pretend you’re talking to God). Retail price is $74 and it looks like they’re Windows compatible only.

Man that guy is bald..

That was mean trying to find out. Thanks Edwin!

Hmmmm - might not be a bad purchase. Anyone tested/played around with these?

These are the current 5.1 headphones that I'm using. So far I've tried to the two other decent 5.1 headphones: Kinyo KY-100 and the LTB "true" 5.1 sound.
The Kinyo KY-100 is analog but it comes with its own amp. There IS a hiss and it DOES get annoying. You can't tell when there is sound (obviously) coming out of the headphones but when there is a low volume its evident. And don't think about using them as 5.1 headphones the rear speakers are very very faint. You'll be sure to get your ass knifed in Counter-strike.

LTB "true" 5.1: Great spacialization. Weak design and very weak USB sound card. At medium volumes the sound will begin to crackle and also if you are playing a game that has a lot of different soundscapes running at once, it'll begin to crackle louder and louder. Barely any bass.

I didn't try the Zalmans because I don't want to wear something that looks like a mind control device from Planet Zorbnak. Plus I hear there is no bass.

Triton? Well so far I have no complaints. Similar headphone design to the Kinyos (one thick wire going to the left cup) good spacialization, good bass and still works at high volumes, despite being USB. The front end volume control is handy too. So far, the best 5.1 headset I've tried.