ESPN Baseball MMORPG In Open Beta *updated w/ impressions*

Ich habe das XFire. I just never use it..

Ok. I'm on. I had a first baseman, but he had a stupid name. Plus, as much as I like playing first, I think I'm gonna make a shortstop, and have 1st be my backup.

Look for "Warlock." Original name, I know.

EDIT: Make that "JWarlock." I should find the person who took my name and castrate him.

Oh you're on already? I thought you were gonna get on XFire, cuz.

I may try to fire this up tonight, but it will be MUCH later.

'lock and I just played a couple. It definitely makes the game more tolerable when you're playing with someone who understands the inimitable GWJ brand of humor.

Well I d/l it, but probably wont play it till we get more people.

Yeah, this is the same game I tried out so long ago.

It is the same, only 13 people playing this morning! Nice beta hehe