GWJ AL - Week 4

I'm sorry Warlock. Were you saying something?

I can play any time today or tomorrow, also by appointment.


I was really looking forward to giving myself the win...

I'll be home tonight at 5pm EST. Want to play around then?

Hey King,

No problem about missing yesterday, that's totally understandable when an event like that happens. I hope everything is alright, and I send my condolences to you and your family.

Umm. Actually I'm supposed to go see Ep. III around then. Anything later perhaps or should we try for tomorrow?

No. This is your only option. Skip Star Wars.

Um, I don't know if I'll be home much later, but there's a good chance. I'll look for you on xFire later in the evening (8 or 9pm EST).

Hey Rom, is sometime today good for ya?I should be home all day..Thx for your patience...

Well, Psycho and I just finished our game, and though he got the bats moving quickly very early in the game (two hits in the first inning is NOT what I'm shooting for, defensively) couldn't get the runners home.

I hit my first... and second... and third homeruns of the season today, and although it really didn't feel like I was doing anything differently then the swings before that went right to the outfielders (or foul) it was nice to finally see some HR stats light up.

Good game, Psycho.

Yeah king, today sometime should be fine. I get off of work around 5, so anytime after that and I can hop online. Just let me know when you want to. The earlier in the evening the better probably.

Can u do 6pm est??

that'd be 5pm cst... so yeah... er... that's right now... I'll be on asap!

Lock it up!