Champions League Final

Is anyone else watching? I've been following the CL on this year, and with Chelsea out, i'm seriously hoping Liverpool will win. Mostly because I hate AC Milan and 9/10ths of Italian football though. Christ, PSV deserved to go through.

It's the 25th, and on ESPN2 here stateside if you're interested, although it's mid-afternoon thanks to the time difference.

While the Chelsea-Barca fixtures in the First Knockout rounds were great, one must wonder, after watching Mourinho and Co. peter out against Liverpool if we wouldn't have been better off with Chelsea progressing. Any game with Ronaldinho in it is a significant improvement I say.

Oh yes, I'll be watching. Err... just realized my kid's due two days after this and my wife doesn't look like she'll be making it the entire time. Hmm... guess the boy will get his indoctrination started early!

I will be definitely watching this 1...GO REDS GO....I'm not a huge Liverpool fan especiaaly since they let M. Owen go to Madrid but can't stand AC and for that matter any team for Italy A.K.A. - THE DIVING LEAGUE...

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Anyone think Cisse will be healthy in time to start? If he doesn Liverpool have an honest shot. Now if they could just pay someone to break Nesta's leg they'll be all set.

Muc as I hate to say it, this one's probably finishing 2-1 AC Milan. Liverpool's defense has been amazing, but Chelsea and Juve have "sort of" offenses. Kaka and Sheva account for some 3 goals a game by themselves. (Not actually but you know what I mean.)

Didn't he play in their last game as a sub? I haven't checked BBC, but I thought I heard on the English news show on FSC that he was expected to be able to play, if not for all 90 minutes...

He is healthy, and by all means should be playing. I'm really, really hoping for a good game.

Also, did anyone at all see the UEFA Cup Final? No? Just me? Figures.

FA Cup final is today, Arsenal v. ManU, with lots of Anti-Glazer protests planned by Supporters United. What is idiotic about their protest is that they're pissed that someone bought a PLC. You really can't blame Glazer for buying the club, if you leave the door open, you can't blame the horse for bolting.

I saw bits of the Final, but really, couldn't bring myself to care very much about either team.

You don't need to, but it actually was a very, very good game. I watched a replay of it, and the go-between from when Sporting nearly tied it at 2 and straight away, CSKA went 3-1 up was great.

The FA Cup final is all Manchester United thus far. If they don't win it will be high, high, high robbery.

EDIT: Arsenal win on penalties. Absolute robbery of the highest order.

Tomorrow's the day! C'Mon 'Pool!

It's on, and it's 1-0 to Milan, after 50 seconds.

I can watch no more. 3-0 and Liverpool's getting worked.

Yeah, it's freaking over. Short of the greatest comeback ever, Liverpool is Done. Sigh, nothing like watching Soccer's version of the Evil Empire win.



IT's tied thanks to a Xabi Alonso penalty. Wounder, you NEED to be watching this. this is one of the greatest games EVER. Hell, if you're a neutral or don't know if you like the sport, you should watch.

Liverpool win on penalties! ZOMG!

Yeah, I came back after the second half started and it was incredible. My wife called me to get her from work 5m into the second overtime, so I missed everything after that... made home in time to see AC Milan picking up medals and thought they had won! Amazing comeback. Just amazing.

That was one awesome match. And I'm very glad it was Liverpool to win. (As I was glad when Juventus got kicked out of the tournament earlier.) I'm pretty sure that all football fans that didn't happen to be followers of Milan or Everton rooted for Liverpool today.

Unless they're ManU fans.

Dunno, I'd say many ManU fans were supporting the Reds as well today. Afterall, Liverpool hasn't been a real competitor in the league (Chealsea and Arsenal London were), plus the league ultimately benefits from an English team succeeding due to the UEFA rating.

that game was freaked i saw after the 3:0 milan i thought it was over and then i turned on the tv on minute 65 to see if milan is at 7:0 yet and then i said to myself " where are my glasses? am i seeing well? how the h*** did that happen?" getting out of that kind of a bind is unbelivable. me and my fiance watched till the end of the overtime and then i told her we should go to sleep (woke up 30 minutes early today) we shouldn't bother watching the penalties it's not soccer it's mostly luck.

i hope i can find a rerun so i can watch the 4 goals i missed.