It sure sucks to be Ben Joppru

Imagine this: you're a pass-catching tight end out of Michigan. The Houston Texans think you're so swell that they spend their 2003 2nd round pick on you. You're gonna be one of the weapons in the passing offense, giving David Carr that target over the middle the offense needs.

Then in the first week of your rookie training camp, you injure your groin and miss the whole season.

Then the next year, you make it through camp, only to injure your groin again on the very last day of camp. You miss the whole season again.

Now, in your third year, you don't even make it to camp - you tear your ACL in non-contact drills in organized team activities. On the downside, you'll miss the whole season again. On the upside, your groin is OK.

If this sounds familiar, then you must be Ben Joppru, the Houston Texans tight end. Maybe next year, eh bub?

I hope he didn't leave college early for the NFL! Seriously, though, that sucks for him and the Texans. I hope his contract had language in it to take care of him in case injuries like these happened.

Geez, if he's that injury prone without even PLAYING, what on earth is he doing trying to compete in the NFL?

Well he went through four years at Michigan and didn't miss a single game to injury (played in every single game from 2000-2002).

As for his contract, he and every other NFL player keeps their salary when injured in football related activities (so long as they are team activities, rather than, say, skipping team workouts and working out at Miami like a bunch of those ex-Canes do). Kellen Winslow lost money from his first injury because a lot of bonus money was tied into incentives (which is unusual and usually done to play with the cap hit of big bonus money players). And now he's going to lose money because he hurt himself in a NON-football related activity.

He has every penny he would have been paid for playing, save perhaps any incentives that he may have been able to earn (not sure if any were in his deal). The real thing, though, will be that he needs to get on the field and play if he ever wants ANOTHER contract, be it from Houston or elsewhere.