52% of Iraq Oil Kickbacks Paid by American Companies

And the Bush administration (and presumably Clinton as well) knew of and even facilitated far more transactions for other countries. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations minority reported, headed by Sen. Carl Levin.


Please provide a link to the actual report if you come across it.

I foresee a rebuttal along the lines of "Bush Oil for Food violations -- good. Clinton Oil for Food violations -- bad"...

Since I have not read the report, I assume it covers the Clinton period as well. But it does explain why all the recent drum-beating has been focussing on foreigners to date. As was apparent even before this investigation, we actively helped other countries and our own companies buy oil from Iraq in violation of our rules, using it as a carrot to help gain our goals all over the world. (We've had that argument before on the boards.)

Doesn't seem to matter in the long run, however. Slick Dubya has wriggled his way out of more embarrassing things, like any good politician. I have every confidence that his team will deal with this. Perhaps they'll simply wait till it's blown over to tell him, like with the recent WH evacuation.

As an aside on this oil kickback scandal, the hugely unpleasant George Galloway MP is appearing in front of a US Senate select committee today to contest the "allegations" it leveled against him.
If you know nothing about him I thoroughly recommend you tune in on C-Span when he comes on. His anti-americanism and radicalism is hugely well known here as is his undeniable skill at oratory.
I can guarentee you a lot of hyperbole and some serious fireworks when he appears, I'm pretty sure the Senators don't know what they've let themselves in for.

I saw what you meant illum over at CNN.

Anyone got any other headlines/articles/whatever on Galloway and what happend in the senate today?

Wow. just..wow.

Your Questions Answered.


God I hate him.

So, where are the outcry from the Republicans to get rid of GWB? I mean what is good for the UN is good for the US right?

*crickets chirping*

That about sums it up Mayfield.

We are blameless (Bush, Clinton, the US) - its the foreigners...especially the French and Germans...