GWJFL 2005: Playoff Rounds 2 and 3

Yeah, I know. Admittedly, it's the straw that broke the camel's back for me running the next league. I mean, it's for the best and all, what with my increasing time constraints, but my enthusiasm to make it work, come hell or high water, has waned watching the "best" players not be able to make time for such an "important" (in the scope of the league, anyway, not RL) match.

Certis wrote:

9PM CST Wednesday. Be there or be somewhere else!

By the names of Schafer, Spector, Sharapova, and Leftwich, I swear it to be so!

Then let it be so. If I miss it (outside of a reasonable occurrence like losing my hand or something) I will forfeit the game.

Good job, Certs Roll. The breaks didn't go my way, and you're too good to allow any extra opportunity to.

Next league, I'm taking a stronger team (which could still be the Jags, given their stats boost in the final update - but we'll see).

Patriots win! Final score 14 - 7. As usual, *Legion* is an excellent player and it was a close one.

I think I'll leave the recap to the awesome coach Legion but the summery is I scored in my opening drive, he tied it up, I scored again and the second half was pretty much defensive. A few key penalties and interceptions went in New England's favor and with two minutes left in the game they stopped the Jags at 4th and 5 on the NE 18 to win it. It was a blitzing sack that did them in.

Neo, Grumpy, get your game played!

Certis wrote:

Neo, Grumpy, get your game played!

If you only knew how bad I'd like to...

Neo, Neo, why hast thou forsaken me?

You know, if Neo never shows up, you could drop him and I'd play the Colts in his place.

Start date: Tuesday, May 17, 2005.
Ultimately firm if-Neo-doesn't-show-up-I'm-going-to-regrettably-have-to-award-myself-the-win date: Tuesday, June 7, 2005.

No kidding, I think you've been plenty patient Grumps.

PS: I guess that might mean the Chargers are mine

I should play them. Hell, half of them were Chiefs on opening day!

What's the verdict Grump? If we have to move on (and at this point we might as well) I can play Wednesday or Thursday evening.

Wednesday night. 10pm CDT. You and me, C.

It on now! Oh snap!

Since Neo dropped out does this mean i get to advance in his place - kind of like a beauty pageant :)? I am pretty - oh so pretty...

I played in Neo's place last night. I gave him a great 1st half. I think he was worried. But in the second half it came down to (IMO) a HUGE-BALLS fake punt that Grumps made a first down on deep in his own territory. After that the wheels fell off my wagon. I feel bad that Jamal Lewis broke his arm, Grumps was pretty gracious aboot that.

Swampy, your check is in the mail!

Dillon got injured and out for the game after nine carries to sort of (not really) balance things out. In the end, Patriots win it 23 - 3 and take home the prize!


Congrats, Evil one. I hope your team in the newly created summer league sucks bigtime.

I second that remark...

All apologies to Grump and other league members,

Thanks go out to Swampy for filling in admirably

For those in need of some explanation.......

I moved two weeks ago. The move has been anything but smooth. I just got my DSL installed this week but as of yet do not have a PC hooked up much less an Xbox. To put things in perspective I am living out of boxes and sleeping in my new living room as my current digs are being renovated by....wait it I have no flooring, the bathrooms and Kitchen are being ripped out and redone.....everything is just a mess.

Currently, I have no access to the site or even my own email account from work. The old websense work-a-around no longer works. I didn't recieve emial alerts about PM's so as you might imagine recieve I have had no viability to site at all ....which sadly would be last on my priority list anyway. I am sitting at a Cyber Cafe catching up on three weeks worth of neglected emails and other online responsibilities as i write this.

I sincerely apologize for not making a more concerted effort to at least contact Grumpy with the situation. I was really looking for to playing our game....I guess it wasn't meant to be.

I hope things smooth out for you Neo. They will, it's just a matter of when, and there's always next league!