Gamefly users?

Logan and I are considering a Gamefly subscription. I'm wondering if anyone's using Gamefly and what they think of it. How quick is transit (particularly on the West coast)? How long do you have to wait for brand new games? If you have a brand new game at the top of your queue and it's not immediately available, do they just send the next in line or do you wait for that one to come available (or do you have a choice as to this behavior)?

I've had GameFly for about 6 months.

Your queue gets reviewed auomatically a few times a day, and whatever's at the top of the list and available gets sent. So if Doom 3 is at the top of your queue but isn't available, whatever's next in line and is available gets shipped. If you've got an open slot and you're saving it for a new release, you've got to remove all the other available titles from your list to keep them from using up your rental slot. I do this pretty routinely - I only add an available game to the queue when I know it's not going to prevent me from getting a new release asap. It's not really a problem, because even most older games are readily available, so it's not like you have to keep then on your queue to reserve them or anything. My queue is usually loaded up exclusively with yet-to-be-released titles.

I'm in Portland, Oregon. I think GameFly ships from CA. In my experience, new releases usually get shipped 1-3 days from the shelf release date. GameFly will tell you when it'll be available (i.e., when it will ship, not when it will arrive in your mailbox), and so far they've been accurate. GameFly told me Area 51 would be available 2 days from the shelf release date, and lo and behold that's when it shipped.

I usually get titles 3-4 days from the ship date. Your queue reflects when it's shipped, and they'll also send you an email, so you'll know when to start watching your mailbox. I think the latest I've ever received a game was 5 days from the ship date, and that was only once. Usually it's closer to 3. The end result is that I usually get new releases in the mail 4-7 days from the shelf release date.

My only complaint is the return time - several times it's been over a week before they've registered receiving a game I've mailed back. I know they're getting it quicker than that, so I'm assuming there's a problem processing returned games in a timely fashion. To their credit, whenever I've waited more than a week for a returned game to show up (three times) I've called or emailed them, and they've said, "Oh, we're sure it's on the way, we'll just go ahead and ship out the next game on your queue." I suppose that as they've got your credit card #, they're not too worried about getting ripped off.

Another nice thing about the service is the fact that if you want to keep the game, you can just pay online and they'll bill your account and send you the still-new box and manual. The best part is that with high-profile new releases, the buy cost is significicantly lower than you'd see in stores. I rented Resident Evil the day it shipped, then bought it a week later for about 37 bucks. Even on the off chance I'd been able to find it used a week from its release (yeah, right) I'm sure it would have been at least $40, if not $45 at the local store. So nowadays, even titles I know I'm going to buy get rented first.

Overall, I've been satisfied. Not overjoyed, but pleased enough to keep with it. I wish the returned titles were processed faster. I upgraded my subscription from two to three titles per month a while back and have since found that I've got no problem keeping myself busy with new games.

I agree with The Fly. I live in Ohio so my shipping times are pretty excessive but overall the service is pretty good. I did have an issue last week where it appeared they were trying to send me Psychonauts for an entire day but then it went back into my queue. I ended up losing a day or so but they sent me the second item in my queue (Midnight Club 3) the following day. I've also purchased a couple titles and have been pretty happy at the prices. Ghost Recon 2 for $26.99 with free shipping isn't that bad of a deal when I've seen the condition of the CD and already have it on hand to enjoy.

Neat. Being in CA (and not very far from LA, relative to the size of the state), I imagine the shipment turnaround times would be pretty nice for us.

Sounds like good customer service in dealing with their limitations, which makes the idea continue to be appealing.

Here's a question - is there a way to do multiple mailing addresses? Like, when Logan's in San Francisco this summer, could we mark some titles to be mailed to that address and some to be mailed here to Fresno? (Just in case you happen to know - don't bother looking it up, I'll do that if no one knows)

is there a way to do multiple mailing addresses?

Dunno, but I doubt it.

I have used gamefly for anumber of months now and I am happy with it. Not only can I get some games, but if you want to buy the game, it is usually WAY cheaper. Example is I had ordered MechAssault2 and decided to keep it. The lowest price I could have bought it locally was $39.99. At gamefly, I got it for $25. And when I bought it and they sent me the case, it was the Limited Edition one I got, with the extra disk.

I have heard other people on teh West Coast say that shipping times are VERY quick there. I think west of the Mississippi, shipping times are 2-3 days. On the east side it's about 3-6.

You can do two addresses, you just have to pay for two accountsIMAGE(

Add me to the satisfied customer list. I'm in Boston, so the ship time is extreme, but I don't usually notice it.

They also credited me for over a week's prorated rental fee for screwing up a buy order on their end. On the whole, they're very cool to deal with and I'm very satisfied.

The KeepIt option, where you can elect to pay for a game you have and have the next one in your queue shipped out is a great feature. Makes it easier to shop for games. Plus shipping is now free for members.

I'd recommend getting the 3-game option if you can afford it.

I'm medium-satisfied. It usually takes one week for a disc to go one way (Chicago-LA or vice versa), but recently there was a problem where my returns suddenly started taking two weeks, resulting in a total turn-around of three weeks. I got a little unhappy (why were the returns taking so long? did they have a backlog?) and sent them a complaint, and they sent me a snarky email back blaming everything on the post office. And right after that, the shipping times went back to normal again.

So I don't know what happened, but if it does again, I'll be cancelling.

People have already said everything that I could about the service, so I'm largely just registering as another mostly-satisfied customer. I use the two game option, and that's enough for me. The only issue is the turnaround time. I use Blockbuster mail rental for movies, and that's quite good-- they get it in two days, I get one back in two more days. For gamefly, it's more like 3-4 days each way. All in all, though, it's good enough for me. By the way, though, with the Blockbuster service you get two monthly cupons that you can use in their store to rent videos or games. I usually use the cupon to try out some games nice and quick (I think you get 7 days on most games), which is pretty convenient.

I'd recommend getting the 3-game option if you can afford it.

Three game option? Where can I get in on that? I just checked my subscription and there isn't an option for it...

Neat. I was about to ask a question about the KeepIt option and not having the original game case when you've got the rental copy, but then I hit the GameFly FAQs and saw that they mail you the case and instructions once you Keep a game.

Three game option? Where can I get in on that? I just checked my subscription and there isn't an option for it...

You have to meet some super-secret criteria to unlock that option. I don't have it either, but I'm hoping that I'll level up soon.

You have to meet some super-secret criteria to unlock that option.

I.e., pay the two-rental rate for a few months...