Senate votes for federal boxing commission

Apologies for a cut-and-paste from my "blog", but here goes...

The US Senate has voted in favor of the creation of a federal boxing commission. As I understand it, this would essentially wipe out the influence of entities like the WBA, WBO, and all the rest of the boxing alphabet soup (which has given us nonsense like 3 different heavyweight "champions"). This understanding is advanced by a article that states that the commission would be "deathblow to sanctioning bodies like the WBC, IBF, WBA, WBO, etc".

The commission, to be called the USBC (United States Boxing Commission), would give us unified rules on fights and licensing of fighters, standards for judges and referees (something the sport badly needs), standards for standby medical help, and perhaps most important, a single, consistant ranking system of boxers. No more having 20 different rankings of fighters.

This bill, sponsored by Senator John McCain, is a direct attack at the corruption in the sport of boxing and the power structures that facilitate it. It would not only lead to a cleaner sport, but having a single set of actual rankings and titles will make the sport infinitely more fan friendly.

The Senate passed the bill with a voice vote, and now the bill needs to be approved by the House of Representatives.

That would just take all the drama of the sport out of it for me.

Seriously though, WTF sparked this? Washington is JUST NOW learning there is corruption in the boxing world?

Well it's because of guys like Holyfield who are jumping from state commission to state commission to find someone that will license them to box. It's the whole "save boxers from themselves" deal.

McCain has been trying to do this for a while now though. He got two acts through (in 1996 and 2000), but they were stepping stones - each left enforcement up to the state commissions (which means, no enforcement).

So that led to the act for the creation of the USBC. That brought Ali out of the woodwork. Ali testified before the House this fall in favor of McCain's bill. It's been picking up steam ever since.

A lot of it centers around the health and safety of the fighters. The stomping out of the rest of the corruption is almost icing on the cake. The fact that this would bring things like a unified ranking system and such is almost just a side-effect.