How can one compete against EA in Video Football?

Sadly, no one has yet seen fit to let me run the front office of an NFL franchise.

Along the lines of this thinking... do you guys think theres a viable product in a videogame that focuses more on the Front Office/Coaching/GM aspect of Football rather than simply a licensed NFL football game with some franchise modes?

With our new XOS investment I've been mulling over the idea of creating with either Take2 or Microsoft (or whoever) a non licensed football game that features recreations of the exact tools many teams use to run their franchises from the film room/playmaking to cap and franchise management.

I see this game being more than a seasonal game but rather something that becomes a "year round living product" with several "virtual" persistant leagues.

Owners can drop out and be added or you can have the CPU manage the extra teams.

It would certainly be a subscription based game instead of a yearly $50 a pop game.. since its in essence a year round process now.

Any thoughts? How sim can you get? My thought is you still need a football game to play...but perhaps some owners could simply have the CPU play for them?

I think that would be badass. Sign me up!

my girlfriend and I were just talking about something like this. a NFL sim game, or mmorpg/ sim where you manage daily activites, staff, slarary issues, player performance and meedia issues, marketing, etc...the football playing could be a footnote to the micromanaging. Or something to the effect that I could start out as a promotions lackey and work my way up to head of PR for a team and if desired I could shop my virtual resume around to oother franchises for a new position, etc...

This sort of thing has been talked about for a long time, but it''s a bold move that no one has made just yet.

Sounds cool. If the GWJers started playing, I''d certainly want in. Kind of a niche game, the management sim, but if it didn''t cost too much to produce, it would be a great idea.

Time to copyright ""Pro Football Tycoon"" before GG gets down to the USPTO.

See, Thats why I can never be a venture capitalist. When I read the idea I ran out and copyrighted ""Ersatz Wombat"". Man, I wish I had THAT $32 bucks back.