Blitz: The League Video

Thank You To IGN

It's not the interview, it's the gameplay footage. Whch is... well, this will certainly be one of the more interesting titles available this year. Although i'm not sure whether to love it because it's not EA, or to hate it because it's going to be Playmakers to an obscene extreme.

Of course, if I can play Grand Theft Auto...

You mess with me, you pay the price!

That looks like friggin sh*t.

Intro movies (because that sure ain''t a gameplay demo) are meaningless... and I agree with Swampy.

Edit: DQBill''s take.

Buy it? Of course I will. I''m buying every unlicensed pro football game that comes out, even if it''s complete crap. I want all of those games to sell big. The only game I won''t be buying is Madden. I''ve got Gamefly for that.

...or at least buy it used.

C''mon, Take 2!!!