GWJHL Playoffs!

Let's go for it, I'll pop onto Live at 8:30PM CST (assuming I make it home) so just look for me after your game.

Will do. And if indeed you don't make it home, it was nice knowing you.

If Psycho wins, and he beat me in the playoffs, that means I'm better than all the guys who lost to Cervix.

Go, Psycho!!

SwampYankee wrote:

If Psycho wins, and he beat me in the playoffs, that means I'm better than all the guys who lost to Cervix.

Go, Psycho!!


Wow. I think that was the most exciting series in my hockey career and the final game was the most intense, yet mildly disappointing I've ever encountered. Every game was decided by one goal and they were all close in terms of stats aside from a few notables.

Game One
San Jose wins it 3 - 2 after shutting Calgary out the final two periods and putting two in the net. Calgary had 22 penalty minutes and San Jose had none. Psycho pretty much owned me in every stat category.

Game Two
Calgary holds onto a two goal lead and ends the game 2 - 1. This time the stats were very close and once again Calgary got 22 minutes of penalty time and San Jose ate 2.

Game Three
The game ended with a soul-crushing and incredibly unlikely mistake by San Jose. In the first period San Jose was up 2 - 1 thanks to some sweet goals by Sturm. In the 3rd Calgary managed to tie it at 2 a piece only to have Theodore (special ed) have the puck in front of him, no one challenging for it, and poking the damn thing into the net in a clearing motion. He was pulled from the game and beaten. Calgary now down 3 - 2 managed to fight back and Iginla slapped a one-timer to tie it back up and hold the lead until the end of the period. Overtime was intense with a bunch of really close shots from both of us. At 10:56 San Jose had two players in front of their own net after clearing out a straggler and waiting for their goalie to pass it out. They were squatting on the crease however and it looks like the goalie passed it out right into a players skate and it slid back into the goal before anyone could react. Game over. It was crushing for both of us, I didn't want to win like that but god knows we talked quite a bit about feeding it out vs. freezing the puck. It shouldn't have happened and the game should have gone on but his guys were just too close.

Anyways, I've assumed the guise of Evil-Certis to represent what must be a sub-conscious pact with the devil and cling to the fact that my goalie scored on himself too.

Great, great series Psycho. It was awesome!


Keep it nice and shiny boys, the Capitals get it next. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

It was indeed a fantastic series and a crappy finale. Good season, Certis. And everyone else as well.


(size=-1)congratulations Certis.(/size)

Wow. Congrats, Certis. And the same to you, Psycho. You're a hell of a hockey player.

So when does the next season start? I have to find a new team to exploit.