GWJHL Playoffs!

Ok gang, the playoffs are now a go! Remember, the games are best out of three so it would help if you could plan to do them all at once. Considering each hockey game is about 25 minutes it's not too bad. Thanks to having the most goals of the 6 - 4 teams it looks like Demi gets to join me in the playoff bye round!

Calgary Bye

Vancouver vs. New Jersey (winner plays Certis)

Detroit Bye

San Jose vs. Boston (winner plays Demi)

Holy sh*t, I made it! How did that happen?

Psycho, when can you play? I can go 1 a night at 11 PM tonight and tomorrw, or tomorrow and Wed. Let me know!

Let''s shoot for tomorrow and Wed. I may be available tonight, but I''m trying to schedule my baseball game and so I won''t know for sure until that''s ironed out.

Holy sh*t, I made it! How did that happen?

Your tears warmed the cockles of my heart Swampy, I made sure there were plenty of playoff spots special for you

OK Psycho, I''ll watch the page for your info tomorrow.

Thanks, Certis. And here I thought my whining was in vain.

Here''s to the Bruins getting farther in the playoffs than the Chiefs did!

Marlin, I''ll be able to play Friday evening and Saturday after 4:00PM CST. Let''s get this done!

Psycho, tonight? What time?

I can probably do anytime between 7 and 8:30 PST. If we start early enough I may be able to fit two games in.


I''ll play hockey with you Green, not like I have anything to do this week anyways.


10 PM EST sounds like a good target time Psycho. I''ll be online about then unless I post otherwise. We''ll see on the 2nd game tonight. MY old thumbs get tired....We may have to let you complete your sweep tomorrow night!

Dammit I wish I could watch! Not like there''s real hockey anywho.

I thought about this the other day. Spectating would be an awesome feature in sports game, with fancy camera angles and all...


What happened, Swampy? I can''t get the league now.

Edit: It''s back now.

Psycho and I played 7 and 1/2 periods of hockey. We had a drop when tied 1 - 1 halfway through the 2nd in the first game.

After two games, we go back to San Jose tied up at a win apiece. I have to say that Psycho outshot and outplayed me in both games, but I gpt lucky with a flurry of 3 goals in quick succesion in the 1st period of the 1st game.

Always fun to play you Psycho, and I''m looking forward to game 3 tomorrow night!

That goal was offsides! OFFSIDES! BAD REF NO DONUT!

Reaper! I''m back in town and up to mix it up a bit. When would you like to play? Do you want to try for all the games at once?

Great Game, Psycho. Well, no one will accuse us of not playing an exciting season. Well played. I was outshot badly once again.

San Jose Vs. Detroit will be a good series. Wish I could watch it.

Perhaps I should think about taking a different team next league, even if I like Boston...

Earlier today....

REAPER: When Swampy wins tonight, the first part of my prophecy will have come to pass.


San Jose, eh? Lets Rumble!
Is it next week yet? I miss playing hockey.

We're waiting on Reaper and Marlin. I'm getting a strong sense of Deja Vu

Hey, I've tried. I'm betting Reaper's schedule is pretty busy thats all.

Hey Marlin.... sorry for the abscence from this thread. How does Monday evening at around 9:30-10:00PM CST ish sound? We can go best of three at that point. We could get a game or two in tonight (Sunday) as well. I'd be open for a time but it's more likely I'll be only able to do one.

Tomorrow night definitely sounds good. Tonight is likely a no. Let's plan on 9:30 CST tomorrow and aim to get as many of the games done as we can!

If you guys get it done tomorrow night I'll stand by to roll the week forward. Reaper and I fly out to LA Tuesday morning so if not then we'll have to wait until Saturday to roll it up!

Certis the filthy infidel wrote:

REAPER: When Swampy wins tonight, the first part of my prophecy will have come to pass.

I turns out that I mis-read the prophecy. It doesn't mention Swampy by name at all. It makes a vague reference to cats and a dried up river bed. I naturally assumed that it was talking about Swampy's Bruins winning the GWJHL Stan Cup.

After Game 1, I felt the touch of the gods upon me. After game 3 I realized it was a "bad touch".

Reap, I've been waiting for about 20min. I'll wait another 10 then I need to go. Can't be too late tonight as I've got a long day ahead tomorrow.

Reaper and I just finished up, with Reaper taking the series. The first game started out even then rapidly got away from me (I can't even remember what the final score was, but it was seriously bad for me). The second game was bizzare -- I'm not sure whether Brodeur had fallen in love with the coach's daughter or what, but he couldn't stop a thing -- I scored 3 goals on the first 5 shots. Reap called that game, but it all came back in the third with a nail biter. We were scoreless up to a minute before the close of the 2nd when Reaper pocketed a great shot on Cloutier. In the third I managed to tie it up to take us to OT, but in the first minute Reaper shot a laser right into the net, taking the best of three.

Great job Reaper, thanks for the games. The third was an amazing game. Best of luck in the next round, while Swampy and I share the beer nuts and comiserate on the golf course!

Awesome! Rolling the playoffs forward now.