50-1 shot wins Kentucky Derby

From Yahoo

According to the NBC coverage, a $2 bet on the Superfecta (1st, 2nd, 3rd AND 4th) would have netted you $1.7 million.

So the Kentucky Derby was this weekend eh?

Seriously. It might be because they always show that Newlyweds episode with Nick and Jessica at the Derby, but it doesn''t seem like it''s been 365 days since Smarty Jones and all that.

More like, oh, 6 months.

An even longer shot (72-1) came in second. It''s kind of nice to see the long shots get some wins after the last two very predictable races.

My problem with events like the Kentucky Derby is that there''s two hours of lead-in for two minutes of action. If I see it fine, if I miss it, no big deal.

I wonder if having so many horses gives those long shots a better chance. Hard to recover as the favored when you are jumbled between a bunch of other horses.

First - Krazy - WTF? You are from KY...get with the program lad...you not only know when the Derby is, you throw a huge f***in'' party. What the hell is wrong with you lad - get the thing out of your pooper and start drinking bourbon...I mean...wtf?

Second - had a friend drop $100 on the horse because it reminded her of my late brothers nickname...I''m now wondering how I can get a piece of that $15K she won ($15,000 - cash...sigh)

Third - the exacta paid - on a $2 bet - right at $10,000 - now THAT is a return on investment.

Sadly, while I had picked the horse with my wife (jockey colors - fraternity colors, etc...) - the long shot scared me away and I didn''t bet...sigh...

And Poppin...the key is...5 hours of lead-in drinking mint juleps...by the time the derby hits...you are having the time of your life!!!