Interest thread: GWJFL Next

I second Swampy.

Congratulations Grump. So does this mean game time will be 3 a.m. after feedings?

I third the Swampy for Commish.

I forth the Swampy for commish

I was just busting Swamp's ballz, he's too busy to actually be a commish this go round.

I change my vote to SpyNavy

Surely a US Navy Lt. Commander can run a little ol' football league, eh?

Not with my schedule fellas - this would be the longest league evar :)... I have to move mountains just to get my game played.... If I could I would - honest...

I will probably have a move coming up soon... after that move I would certainly be able to be commish but not until then. Move could happen as early as 1 month but as late as a few. So I'm basically worthless.

I am the baseball guy. I know nothing about football.

OK, I'm not having a baby. I mean I can't 'cause I'm a guy an' all... I mean my wife's not. OK, so no procreating goin' on. Well. You know I mean I do that and all, but no babies.

OK, so no babies here. Unless you count the lambs, but they're alresady pretty bing and I don't take care of them MUCH.

So anyways. If no one wants to try their hand at it I will do it as I am familiar with the process.

But this will be a high speed low drag league. Fail to post about your games and you'll get no reminders, I'll award who I think deserves it or who posted or flip and we'll move on. That'll be it. As it is a summer league I can see vacations being an issue. Plan ahead, be considerate, if you will miss your game due to a vacation let me know up front.

So, if no one wants it I will do it, under those rules.

Grump I will consider you the final arbitor of who runs the new league and if it is me I'll take you up on the team draft order offer.

Let me know.

But I vote for Legion. Coach Legion. I mean, doesn't it hurt "Chalk Talk"'s street cred that he never ran a league?

I ran the Evil Avatar league (NFL and NHL). I've had my vitality at running leagues sucked dry by THAT crowd.

Legion as commish? Somehow, I don't think that would bode well for me.

You would be punished.

Allllrighty then. Swampy, it looks like you are, once again, The Man. I'll pack my desk and show myself to the door.

I appreciate everyone's patience while we get the other league wrapped up. I still need to get my game in with Neo (Neocell, Neocell, wherefore art thou?) in order to determine rank order. For example, if he makes the Superbowl, Neo will big 14th or 13th, depending on if he wins or not, repectively, but he'll pick as high as 8th if he does not. As you can see, it makes a pretty big difference. Regardless, Certis and I will be the last two picks so that's less of a factor. Based on my personal prediction that Certis will beat Neo in the Superbowl, the speculative draft order is as follows. (Note: the only columns that really matter are the first two; I just left the others in there to look impressive.;))

1 Cabbot 87.5 70 78.75 2 firesloth 56.25 90 73.125 3 JBWarlock 75 70 72.5 4 LocknLoad1 87.5 50 68.75 5 ruthlessmuffin 75 45 60 6 squirrelmonkey 50 70 60 7 Redhwk 50 50 50 8 baggachipz 50 35 42.5 9 SwampYankee 25 55 40 10 frankiemumbles 50 30 40 11 The Highlander 56.25 10 33.125 12 SpyNavy 18.75 40 29.375 13 NeoCell 12.5 45 28.75 14 Legion SB 31.25 25 28.125 15 Grumpicus 18.75 5 11.875 16 Certis 6.25 15 10.625

Like I said, while the last two picks are pretty much locked in (though I'd end up picking last in any other of the 3 possible scenarios), Neo could jump as high as #8 in the order if he loses his semi-final game against me. If, on the other hand, he wins the Superbowl game, he drops down to #14. Obviously, Swampy can feel free to go with that scenario which will free up the first 13 picks of the draft and allow us to move forward.

Now that I've explained why we have waited so long, it's time to move on to other business.

Other than his single post in this thread, I've not heard a word from squirrelmonkey regarding his continued interest in this league or his unanticipated and unexplained absence from the last league. I only point this out because his is the only situation where 1) a player disappeared from a league without notice or reason and 2) then expressed interest in participating in a subsequent league. How Swampy wants to handle the situation is up to him but, since no one else has shown a desire to manage the 16th team in the league, I've included Squirrelmonkey in the list above.

Obviously, with the league being under new management, any of the settings I discussed above (of most interest, I'm sure, is the EQ setting and perhaps the season length) are the final decision of SwampYankee. Until he says otherwise, though, assume all settings will be as previously stated.

Finally, I know that it has been quite some time since some of you expressed an interest in the league and it is perfectly understandable if your interest has waned in the meantime. If that is the case, please be sure to communicate your lack of interest ASAP by posting in this thread so that we can address the issue before the draft begins.

Thanks again and good luck.

Good thing no one will take San Diego with Stric gone! Right? Guys?

I guess you'd better throw the game against Neo...

I guess you'd better throw the game against Neo...

I think you can take your self-defeating attitude and shove it, Mr.Two-Time Champ.

Certis wrote:

Good thing no one will take San Diego with Stric gone! Right? Guys?

No. A worse team. Come back to me with some real losers and we'll talk.

All-Pro, EQ on. Like the team you pick matters!

Prove it with the 49ers!

This isn't hockey, I don't think the skill disparity is quite that high Swampy

Can't blame a girl for trying.

Ok, I'm probably being a skimmer right now but when is the team drafting starting and what's the start date for the league itself?

47, Lock. Oh yeah, and Bifurcated only.

SwampYankee wrote:

47, Lock. Oh yeah, and Bifurcated only.

WTF? It looks like Swampy's finally gone senile. Perhaps I should drop Legion a line after all.


Certis wrote:
I guess you'd better throw the game against Neo...

I think you can take your self-defeating attitude and shove it, Mr.Two-Time Champ.

I'm just saying: The only way I don't pick last is if you beat Neo in the Superbowl*... and if that comes to pass**, and if San Diego is still available, they will be mine (I've sworn not to take Baltimore again).

* That would give you a #3 and a #1 finish. Of course (and the rest of you may just want to skip to the next footnote here), I just noticed that would mean I also had a #1 and a #3 finish. The reason we're not tied, though, is that, in the scenario described (you beat Neo in the Superbowl), due to league size (GWJFL3 was 20 and GWJFL 2005 is 16), your draft ranking score comes out to 10.625 - average((3/20)+(1/16))*100 - while mine would be a 11.875 - average((1/20)+(3/16))*100.

** Yes, my personal preference is to Three-peat but let's be realistic here. Even the Patriots didn't do it all in-a-row.

All-Pro EQ On...

I might just have to be that stupid guy who picked the Lions... again.

I will post the first 2/3 of the draft tonight in a new thread, and let those guys pick their teams. The alacrity with which people make their pic will be indicative of whether or not this summer league gets off the ground. If need be we will try again with a league made up of only those people who respond to the team pick roll-call. I WILL NOT chase down people for their picks.

Let the new league's motto be:

"GWJFL SUMMER EDITION: We WILL leave our dead and wounded behind"