GWJFL 2005: Playoffs Round 1

Bagga PMed me about playing tonight when he gets home from golfing. Hopefully he'll get back to me with a time soon!


Bagga and I are set to play at 10PM CST tonight!

I hope for Bag's sanity that the connection with the new router is fine.

I'll be at/around my computer if you guys need a reset. If so, please use some form of IM (as opposed to PM) to contact me. I understand that Certis is about to be unavailable for a week due to E3 so if this game doesn't get played tonight, I'm going to have to advance the round anyway. Bagga, I'm sorry but, given the fact that the technical problems appear to be on your end, the decision will have to go to Certis (unless he flakes out tonight and doesn't show up or something). That being said, I'm praying for your new modem/router/connection/whatever and rooting for your team. Just be sure to have voice enabled so you can convince him it's a good idea to throw the ball on a critical 4th and inches late in the game.

You have no idea. So, allow me to give you one. This is going to be very long.

As you may or may not know, my wireless inty connection has been going downhill for some time now. At a point a few weeks ago, I became unable to play online games with a significant portion of the community here. For others, my games usually lagged out. Not the performance I expect for sixty bucks a month. "Whoa, $60?" you ask. Yes, I also paid 200 to have it installed. That was a couple years ago. Fast forward to last week, when I finally decided to throw in the towel because their support was claiming that everything looked fine and I should have no problems. Apparently they haven't yet learned that "wishing won't make it so," so I decided to switch back to Adelphia. That's like choosing AIDS over cancer. I purchased my a cable modem on eBay, and it took about a week to arrive. I subscribed to service via their web site, called them to provision the modem, and am told that I would require a visit by a tech to complete the installation. Apparently, they had yanked out the cable wire at the outdoor green box so that my untrustworthy ass wouldn't steal cable. As if. So, I had to wait until Saturday morning for him to show up. In the meantime, Certis and I attempted a game but of course it didn't work out.

He arrives on saturday morning, and spends all of about three minutes plugging things back in. We hook my modem up, and... nothing. I have apparently purchased a broken cable modem. That's amusing, because most "Brand new" cable modems aren't broken. But this one was. The closest Best Buy to my house is twelve miles away, which in Northern Virginia equates to a 30-45 minute drive. Staples, however, is right across town.

Staples only sells one cable modem, a Linksys. Seeing as how it's the only modem they sell, and also seeing as how they are selling them in a market with only one cable operator, I pay a fortune and take the cable modem home. Adelphia apparently believes that the simple act of calling and provisioning your cable modem via its MAC address isn't enough. No, they have it set up so that when you first try to use the cable modem, it downloads and installs custom software from their website and won't let you access anything until you complete their "installation wizard." As luck would have it, this "wizard" errors out and won't let me complete "installation." As anyone knows, there is no installation necessary; all it does is check my system specs and put God-knows-what-else on my machine.

In my house, my computer is downstairs. My cell phone doesn't get a stellar reception down there; calls drop frequently. My home phone is Vonage, which obviously doesn't work when my internet connection is down. So, I call support from my cell. After a few minutes, the call drops. I call again, and speak to a person for a while. They run me through the process of rebooting my machine, cable modem, and router. Over and over and over again. And, my connection drops again. Repeat this process several more times, when finally I enlist my wife's help to perform all the actions on the computer parts while I stand by the window to avoid a dropped call. Finally, tier 2 support confirms that the cable modem I have isn't compatible with their network. It's one on a list of about three. As he put it, "Our network is too fast for that modem." Fascinating.

So, I went to Best Buy yesterday afternoon to purchase one of their "Approved" cable modems. I brought it home and hooked it up. I try to run through the "wizard" and... you guessed it, the same error. I determined on my own that the problem must be in a whacked installation of this software, so I need to uninstall it. Naturally, there is no uninstall application so I have to delete all files by hand and clear the registry of any reference to it. Another installation of the "wizard", and... same error. I call support again, but of course each time I get through, the call drops before we can make any progress. This wouldn't be the case if I didn't have to wait on hold for 15 or more minutes each time I called, or if I didn't have to provide every detail about my past, present, and future each time. It also doesn't help that the tech is required by their script to take me through the full reboot routine each time.

Finally, I discover that I can use the cable modem to make Vonage calls, just not web browsing. I get on with their support, and after a long time I finally get sent to Tier 3 support. Ooh, the big leagues now. After running through several scripts he has me run, we finally get a working connection. As it turns out, "some settings in the wizard must have gotten messed up." Yeah, something like that. My first action as a connected user (I felt Amish for a couple days) was to immediately PM Certis. I power on my Xbox, and... can't connect to Live. My wireless bridge appears to have a connection, but no dice. I turn the Xbox and TV off in disgust and go to bed.

So, that's where we are now. I've flushed hours and hours of my life down the toilet to services for which I pay a lot of money. All so I can lose to New England in the playoffs tonight. Bring on the rapage!

Time to break out that 100 ft Cat 5 cable. Seriously, though, I'm very sorry about your issues. I know how bad it sucks to be without a connection for even a couple of hours but I'd likely shoot someone if I went through what you have. Sorry 'bout that. Here's hoping...

Great Googly Moogly, that stinks!

When you get everything working I'll let you beat me at a few different sports. It'll make the hurt go away.

LOL. Man.

"hi guys my name's bagga and life rapes me in the pooper with a big fat rubber dong!"

When you get everything working I'll let you beat me at a few different sports. It'll make the hurt go away.

I can confirm, Bagga, that beating Swampy is in fact very therapeutic.

Just think how good I'll feel when I beat you at something, motherf*cker!


I'm not sure my mind's capable of going that deep into the hypothetical.

pwned again! 3 feet to the left and we wouldn't be having this conversation!

I hope you DO lose the house, bastard!

SwampYankee wrote:

pwned again! 3 feet to the left and we wouldn't be having this conversation!

That's right. In a game of inches, Swampy misses by entire feet.

I hope you DO lose the house, bastard! ;)

Anyone wondering where that comes from, it comes from Logan and I repeating this

(the larger bit that it comes from is here)

Well, Bagga and I tried one more time and his issues continue. He's given over the game and we can move forward.

You still owe me one once you're back on your feet damn you!

Legion, I'll be unavailable to play until next Monday evening.

That's fine Certs Roll. This is finals week for me, so I'm a no-go until the end of the week anyway.