GWJFL 2005: Playoffs Round 1

Ok gents, these are the playoffs so getting the games played is more important that some date on the calendar. That being said, out of courtesy and respect to your fellow players, please try to do so in a timely fashion so the rest of us aren't sitting around waiting on you. As such, the target date is 5/7/05.

And the match-ups are as follows:

#1 New England vs. #8 Washington
#4 Kansas City vs. #5 Jacksonville
#3 Baltimore vs. #6 Houston
#2 Philadelphia vs. #7 Indianapolis

Good luck.


I have a paper, a final presentation and a number of web-based and pen-and-paper assignments due this week, so I''m hoping we can get this done early in the week so I can take care of the other stuff quickly.

Mondays are out this semester. Tuesday and Wednesday are good after 2pm and 1:15pm, respectively. Thursday this week is wide open with canceled classes. Friday... well, Friday is good after 1:15, ''cause that''ll mean I''ll have everything turned in and finished (in theory).

"Loganrapp" wrote:

Tuesday and Wednesday are good after 2pm and 1:15pm, respectively.

So there''s a start time, is there any point where you turn into a pumpkin? ''Cause if not, Tuesday night (9:30+ CDT) is fine by me.

Nope - I can be up as late as needed. Shoot for... 8 pm Pacific, 10 pm Central?

So let it be written...

"Grumpicus" wrote:

#1 New England vs. #8 Washington


#1 New England vs. #8 Washington


Weehaaaa I dont have to play Certis and how in the world did I fall from #1 - but thats ok I dont have to play Certis first :).

Ok Neo when can you play? I have a schedule this week that meets Pacific time pretty well.

You have been PM''d!

I have been and replied - 1AM my time is late, but I can do it. When would you like to arrange our rematch - given the last time we played this will be what game 3 or 4 between the 2 of us?

I can give it a go tonight if you want to try - may be easier than tomorrow - see your PM from me.

All I have to say is...

I am washing my hands of the Houston f*cking Texans.

Lord help me.

Good game, Grump. I never could get a foothold on you.

Neo and Spy, what happened to your game? It shows a 28 - 28 tie (Wow!) with Neo 3rd and 1 on the Philly 22 yard line with 51 seconds left and then Spy lost connection? Looks like you guys had a crazy match!

Well, SkyNavy and I just had a game for the ages. It was all tied up 28 all when I got the ball back with 2:20 left in the game.

I proceeded to run the ball on every single down. EJames crossed over the 200 yard mark on this final drive. With the clock winding down and only 50 seconds left Spy took his final timeout. On 3rd and 1 I pitched out left and caught the corner and extended it far left at which point SkyNavy let out a prophetic ""now its over"" gasp and as I ran down to about the 15 bouncing off tacklers and the clock ticked to just under 40 seconds........SpyNavy had a damn dirty disc error and complete freeze on his side.

Both Harrison and TO had solid games and long TD catches.

TG had his usual 100+ and a TD

The star of the game though and fresh off injured reserve was EJames who rushed for 200+ yards, 2 Td''s and was well on his way to a 3rd.

Great game SpyNavy...hard played! I loved your exzuberance. It would have been nice to get a complete game ...see if you had a miracle in ya and compare the stats from a wild and crazy one.

I had controller issues several times where I would zoom out to look at the field and it would lock up with little pixelated artifacts on the screen - I even stopped the game so I could change batteries in the controller - thinking that was the cause. I had the same dirty disc cant be read earlier when I was waiting to play Neo and I tried Fletch''s toothpaste cure :). The game should have read 31-28 or 35-28... I dont know if its connection related because we had a similar issue last time Neo and I played where he got disconnected at half time... Either way it was a good game...

Edit: I was midsentence with Neo ""Let me reset this controller again"" when that blackscreen popped up"" If anybody has any ideas - its a brand new Xbox and a logitech wireless controller and headset. Sorry I kept having to pause and reset the controller as well. I am wondering if it is just getting hot because it only starts to act up after an hour or so. Certis gave me some links to check out on the type of CD Drive it has.

Thanks, Logan, for a good game. I might have gotten a touch cocky/lazy when I jumped out early and you did a great job making a game of it.

Soory about your issues, Spy but it definitely sounds like it was a great game. I''ve awarded the win to Neo since it appears that was the outcome you predicted. That being said, if I was supposed to reset the game instead, let me know. If I don''t hear anything, I''ll assume it''s correct as is. Thanks.

I saw the email update on the scores and stopped into see what the deal was with the tie. Sounds like a game I would have paid to have watched!

Legion, when can you play. I should be able to do Friday night or Saturday or Sunday.

I think it just may be the disc - it is looking pretty haggard. I dont think a reset is necessary.

I think it just may be the disc - it is looking pretty haggard. I dont think a reset is necessary.

Thanks for being a stand up guy and a good sport.

"NeoCell" wrote:
I think it just may be the disc - it is looking pretty haggard. I dont think a reset is necessary.

Thanks for being a stand up guy and a good sport.

No worries - I actually stopped on my way to work and picked up another copy. I have played the heck out of the game so I suspect it is showing its age and I may not have done the toothpaste ""fix"" correctly... I have also moved the Xbox so it has better ventilation - just in case it is heat related.

I am sure we will be seeing each other again in the next league.

My name is Logan ""Frostfire 2112,"" fallen coach of the football team of the South, l337 warrior of the true football game developer - 2k Sports. Quarterback to a vanquished team. Running back to a ravaged O-line, and I will have my vengeance, in this league or the next.

Bagga and I gave it a try but he''s still on his bad connection and we couldn''t play. He mentioned the new modem was coming by May 9th so hopefully we won''t have to wait too long!

Legion, do you have a time that is good for you?

D''oh, I thought I replied to your PM. The 11pm Eastern time you suggested is just fine.

OK, Roger that, See you then.

Hell of a game as always, Swampy. Like I said in the game, it was a chess match. You played the game efficiently and pretty much mistake free. I knew I had to get to an early lead because you''re such a damn pain in a close game. Me chasing Pollard and pulling in the INT is what turned the game. If the CPU was handling coverage, that damn route would''ve been open as always. I put my best coverman on Pollard just to keep up.

I''m just thankful that, should the football gods smile upon me yet again, I won''t half to face both Legion and Certis to do it.

It was a great game, Legion. I''m happy with my level of play, and other than that throw, I feel I played mistake free football. I am proudest of how I adjusted to your 5 receiver set and managed to make you pay a price for running Leftwich, even. Too bad that was about the only great thing my D came up with. Always a great game when you can say that if few close plays had come out different, so would the final score!

Fantastic game as usual, and thanks for the praise of my play calling.

I achieved my goal of making the playoffs, and I think that my trades improved the Chiefs greatly overall. I had such a succesful season that now I''m having second thoughts on the next league, but I think I''ll pass so that I am looking forward to what the fall will bring.

EDIT: Good luck in the playoffs. Looks like there will be some great games that I wish I could watch.

You know, Swampy, at your age, the only thing that will keep those skills up is constant practice. You''d better sign up for the GWJFL Next after all.

"SwampYankee" wrote:

I am proudest of how I adjusted to your 5 receiver set and managed to make you pay a price for running Leftwich, even.

You did great with that. It''s a wrinkle in my offense that I''ve been working on to help my offense, especially on 3rd down. I didn''t get to use it to the full extent, as you picked up on some good D of it pretty quickly. I had far more success with it elsewhere than against you. In fact, running Leftwich isn''t the goal of the offense, but rather the escape mechanism when the defense takes care of the rest.

Fantastic game as usual, and thanks for the praise of my play calling.

You''re a tough nut to crack. With some players, you just manage them patiently and give them time to make mistakes. Give them enough rope to hang themselves with. But from our previous play, I knew Swampy football doesn''t beat itself. I had to play a nearly-perfect game to stay ahead. And those are the most fun games. This game''s probably the most fun I''ve had with 2K5 since our epic overtime battle.

EDIT: Also, props for taking Logan''s background chatter in stride. I''m sure there were moments of confusion, like when we got stuck on repeating ""We''re gonna lose the god damn house!""